Topper Returns (United Artists) (1941)

Record Details:

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ROYAL CROWN COLA LUX TOILET SOAP gst-tasting c °' a 1 . ***<*?x ■ , \ The tasie-tefei litre's a difference '» 6veoa, t t'SStS>P c '° oilier ,e . a f “A Jrtifiedby a «>' M asses for o»U M- *omcR 0 ** BIG BOTTLES 12 FULL GLASSES me nsre-TEsr COA/mCED/HE" ~~ P^^SAYS (?aw/e/atu&j —lovely star of “TOPPER RETURNS" For your top “Topper” tieup on “Topper Returns” — Royal Crown Cola ties in with a tremendous na¬ tional campaign for Carole Landis and your show! Here are some of the main points of this sweeping coast-to-coast tieup: Royal Crown Cola is running daily newspaper ads in over 700 topnotcli newspapers throughout the country, with day-and-date insertion for full¬ est benefit to your playdate! Royal Crown Cola is splashing the tieup on billboards throughout the country with 24-slieet posters featur¬ ing your star and the show! Royal Cro.wn Cola is nationally ad¬ vertising the tieup through forthcom¬ ing issues of Good Housekeeping , Family Circle , and 1 VOman’s Day! Royal Crown Cola is plugging the tieup and your show—in the period when such advertising will have the fullest effect upon your playdate— over 278 radio stations in a coast-to- coast network, three times a week! Royal Crown Cola is preparing and inserting plugs for your show in a series of cartoon strips which will be featured in the nation’s leading syn¬ dicated comic sections! Here’s a tieup promotion with a colossal nation-wide audience — an audience comprised of movie-goers everywhere! On the basis of the na¬ tional aspects of the campaign as out¬ lined above, you can proceed to enlarge the tieup through local pro¬ motions with the thousands of Royal Crown Cola dealers everywhere in the country. Watch for the important showmanship assets indicated above, and time your local promotion to cash in fully at your box office! x- ROYAL GELATIN Lovely Billie Burke becomes a feature of Royal Gelatiu’s national advertising campaign—in full color, full page inser¬ tions—for a tieup promotion that’s set to reach millions! Royal Gelatin’s campaign, with prominent illustration of your star and prominent credit for your show, will be featured in forthcoming issues of Good Housekeeping , Life , and Me- Call’s. The insertions are planned for greatest possible show¬ manship results on your playdate. Follow" through on this im¬ portant tieup by tying in wherever possible with the myriad of grocery and chain store outlets which carry Royal Gelatin products—through still displays, special window strips, flashes, counter displays, etc. Go to town on this sock tieup. One of the great national motion picture tieups becomes part of your exploitation campaign on “Topper Returns” in a sen¬ sational audience-reaching way as Lux Toilet Soap features Joan Blondell, Carole Landis and Billie Burke in an ad cam- paign that’s set to hit in thirty-three key city spots—day and date with top showings of your show! The nation’s leading media become direct show-selling agencies, with vigorous and attention-getting personality promotions, and with picture credits that can’t and won’t be missed by your audiences. Lux Toilet Soap is, of course, sold everywhere in the country, and the ad insertions become a logical point of departure for addi¬ tional display and point-of-sale promotions. Join in com¬ pletely with this terrific showmanship basis—for a solid box- office drive in your situation! ★ ★ ★ CAMILLE MASCARA Camille Mascara, a product sold nationally through hun¬ dreds of lower-priced department stores, chain stores and syndicates, ties in with your showing of “Topper Returns” through this special art featuring Carole Landis. The tieup involves display material in all outlets, together with news¬ paper ads, and distribution of thousands of circulars on the product—all with appropriate picture credit. Plan now for fullest possible coverage on this tieup by planting thorough display promotions in all outlets in your situation which carry ^ the product, adding additional stills and playdate material for fullest boxoffice effect. Still No. AW-3, reproduced herewith, is available by writing to Exploitation Dept., United Artists Corporation, 729 Seventh Avenue, New- York City. For com¬ plete dealer details, write immediately to: Mr. Arthur Laing ^ CAMILLE MASCARA Morristown, N. J. Page Two