Topper Returns (United Artists) (1941)

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Carole Landis becomes a show-selling star of another important national tieup as Roman Meal Bread ties in by featuring her on bread wrappers which are distributed to millions through grocers and bakeries throughout the country—with full credit to “Topper Returns”! Here’s a promotion which hits directly at the consumer and the home, in a way that’s sure-fire for powerful box- office results! This type of tie-in promotion is subject to wide and varied extra showmanship efforts, and you can further enlarge the tieup by bringing stills and playdate material into stores carrying the product. Cash in fully on this solid exploitation tie-in by joining with the hundreds of outlets everywhere which carry Roman Meal Bread! For any information on outlets in your situation, write to: Leon S. Goldberg ADAM HAT STORES, INC. 651 Broadway New York City Mr. William Arnold c/o BARTON A. STEBBINS 247 Park Avenue New York City, N. Y. Page Three