All This, and Heaven Too (Warner Bros.) (1940)

Record Details:

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Ca Henriette Deluzy-Desportes Duc de Praslin Henry Martyn Field Duchesse de Praslin Louise Madame LeMaire Pasquier . Broussais Pierre Charpentier Marechal Sebastiani Miss Haines Isabelle ... Raynald ..... Abbe Gallard DeLangle ...... Mile. Maillard..... BETTE DAVIS CHARLES BOYER Jeffrey Lynr Barbara O'Neil Virginia Weidler ‘Helen Westley Walter Hampden Henry Daniell Harry Davenport George Coulouris Montagu Love Janet Beecher June Lockhart Ann Todd Richard Nichols Fritz Leiber lan Keith _....... Sibyl Harris EY RT EIS ie Wee 8 sige Sie bt ene e trre merece: Edward Fielding Rebecca Jay .......-.--:sccvecscveescsnsessssesssneensaseessseetssnereanaseessneses Mary Anderson Emily Schuyler ........-:+--..0:::ssssseseeeessssssscsssnenencennnnnnesccee eee Ann Gillis halen Amen oie cectctree iscsi an crigraicienre noo peaar sient Peggy Stewart Gendarme ...............0005 Madame Gauthier... eee ite ea ate speppesnnnedieraeseee Kilian Mrs. Gardner Crane P ncactlan Directed by ANATOLE LITVAK Original Story by Rachel Field; Screen Play by Casey Robinson; Music by Max Steiner; Director of Photography, Ernie Haller, A. S.C.; Art Director, Carl Jules Weyl; Dialogue Director, Irving Rapper; Film Editor, Warren Low; Costumes by Orry-Kelly; Sound by Robert B. Lee; Makeup Artist, Perc Westmore; Technical Advisor, Bernard Deroux; Musical Director, Leo F. Forbstein; Orchestral Arrangements by Hugo Friedhofer; Special Effects by Byron Haskin, A.S.C. and Rex Wimpy, A. S. C. (Running time—143 min.) BETTE DAVIS AND CHARLES BOYER BRING GLOWING LIFE TO "ALL THIS, AND HEAVEN TOO" : Mat 301—45c [ 27]