April in Paris (Warner Bros.) (1952)

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WINNING PATRONS TO BE FLOWN TO PARIS VIA AIR FRANCE AS GUESTS OF FRENCH GOVT. TOURIST OFFICE AND WARNER BROS. Here’s How It Works: e Contestants write 100-word letter on ‘Why | Would Like to spend April ENTRY BLANK in Paris.’ Patrons need not buy theatre tickets to enter contest. e Theatre manager and committee select five local winners. ie caetaoea hl gedlial lca e National Committee selects two final winning letters. a address = | cit Here’s What the Two Lucky Winners Get: lee ee en ee Pee ye ee ee ae eee rr tt er ee oe ‘| age occupation e Transportation to New York to board plane! ae ee e O t April 1, is via Ai ion! n or about April 1, 1953 they fly to Paris via Air France Super Constellation | nore: a contestants in the “APRIL IN PARIS" e In Paris they are guests of the French Government Tourist Office! Paris in the | contest. must.be eighteen. years of : r : 3 ~ | age or over, and citizens of the U.S spring—the boulevards—Eiffel Tower—Montmartre—All theirs for one glori| Essays will not be returned. ous week! _ | Judges’ selections are final. e Each winner will have approximately 70,000 francs to spend in Paris! e After one week, back to New York by Air France and transportation home. Here’s What You Do: 1. If your playdate is between December 25, 1952 and February 14, 1953, your theatre is eligible. Print Locally From Mat! 4 Actual size (8% x11). Rules on Reverse Side 2. Call, wire, or write “April in Paris’ Contest Editor, Warner Bros. Pictures Inc., 321 West 44th Street, New York, N. Y. and say you want your theatre—and your patrons—in on it! Send your five winning letters 4 . to above address too. You will receive FREE: CAN Cr f= PSE ° ° Xu, ENTRY BLANK MAT (81x11) — from which you can print up locally RY w, as many Entry Blanks as you think you'll need. > HOLD ay LD. wire & RANne AWARDED Re Ric AIRLuing t/ RULES POSTER (11x17) This will explain the rules of the contest TECHNARNER EONoR or and should be posted in your lobby. Rin Us: CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT POSTER (18x24) This tells AN the story big—also for posting in your lobby FULL-COLOR POSTERS ~— from Air France and the French Government Tourist Bureau to show Paris to your contestants and the flying accommodations for the winners. TRAILER — Price $5.75 plus postage — also available. One min. 15 secs. long— for two weeks-in-advance build-up. Run it right after the regular pro duction trailer. IMPORTANT SUGGESTIONS! A. Tie in a newspaper on the contest. Running the Entry Blank in the paper will widen the possibilities. B. Interviews with local people who have spent April in Paris is a good feature idea. C. Promote prizes—radios, watches, French perfumes,—fashion merchandise—for the five local winners. These are displayed in advance in your lobby. + Announcement Poster (18x24) D. If there’s a French Consul in your city, enlist his aid. E. Set up a Contest Corner in outer lobby. Here is where all the material is posted, where the Entry Blanks are obtained, and where the local prizes are exhibited. @ Rules Poster (11x17) Country of origin U.S.A. Copyright 1952 Warner Bros. Pictures Distributing Corporation. All rights reserved. Copyright is waived to magazines and newspapers.