April in Paris (Warner Bros.) (1952)

Record Details:

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What to do MUSIC!... h about the THE SONGS April In Paris (E. ¥. Harburg & Vernon Duke) Give Me Your Lips I Know A Place I'm Gonna Ring The Bell Tonight it Must Be Good (All by Sammy Cahn & Vernon Duke) TITLE PAGE HANGERS (see right) are available free in limited quantity. Order from: = MISS ETHEL SHAPIRO HARMS, INC. 4388 Madison Ave. New York, N. Y. Bring stills to Music Stores for window and counter displays. Play recording of ‘April In Paris” over P. A. Sys tem at housebreaks. Supply records to Disc Jockeys. How about an Amateur Song Stylist Contest? Run it in conjunction with local radio station. Contest ants sing numbers from the picture. Three finalists sing ““APRIL IN PARIS” for judges’ top selection. Travel Agency Tie-In **April In Paris’’ is the perfect chance for a travel agency tie-up keyed to the line: Why Not Spend “April In Paris”? A window plugging European travel as well as the picture is the first step. Note: Use the special 8 x 10 Color-Glos and Still No. 777-99 (above). Set up Disc Jockey Contest wherein listeners identify the “‘Cities”’ in the numbers played by the deejay. Examples: APRIL IN PARIS MOON OVER MIAMI ST. LOUIS BLUES MANAGUA, NICARAGUA NAGASAKI AUTUMN IN NEW YORK CHICAGO WAY DOWN YONDER IN NEW ORLEANS A FOGGY DAY IN LONDON Record Album APRIL [N RARIA FA GONNA RING THE BEL ; RR 6 PLAC “TRAYS WHAT Columbia is bringing out the new “extended playing” record containing all the hit tunes by Sammy Cahn and Vernon Duke in the picture. Here’s a chance to tie in with music stores for window and counter displays. Use album also as prizes in your “April in Paris” Dise Jockey Contest (see above).