April in Paris (Warner Bros.) (1952)

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Show These to Your Newspaper’s Fashion Editor Or Department Store Advertising Manager : Bodice is of pale, ice blue slipper satin, draped across one shoulder terminating in ‘‘little girl'' bow at the back. The semi-halter is made of Starched white alencon lace, turtle neck collar and cuffs of white pleated organza. Slash pockets and full circular skirt are edged in fold of organza. Belt is gun metal patent and buttons are smoked gun metal pearl. This suit is of golden beige, herring bone wool. The cutaway jacket has a shaw! collar, raglan sleeves, gathered into tight cuffs just below the horsehair "bubbles" with jiggly rhinestones, over elbow. Buttons on skirt and jacket are bone, orchid net underskirt. (This formal was ballet same collar as suit. The blouse sketched was length in the picture.) changed to an off-white jersey sweater top turtle neck worn with a salmon colored tie. Shocking pink elastic lace make up the tights and is repeated on the bodice. Although in the sketch, the overskirt is of royal purple taffeta panels lined in maroon, the final costume used in “April In Paris" had soft circular overskirt of starched purple chiffon. The flower on the hat is made of sequins on a wire ''stem."' Red accordion pleated starched chiffon over pink chiffon, pink linen collar and cuffs make up this dress. Oversize hooks and eyes button the bodice in the actual dress. (This was not worn in the film.) High necked asymetrical designed dress is of gold shantung taffeta, with full circular wraparound skirt. Pleated white val lace edge neck and long sleeves. .Black buttons and _ black patent belt. These are the beautiful designs for Doris Day costumes in “APRIL IN PARIS”— created by Leah Rhodes, famed Warner Bros. designer. They have many uses: 1. Illustrate department store ads with credit for your showing. 2. Decorate windows with still blowups and_ similar dresses. 3. Fashion feature on the Women’s Page. 4. Contact Art School or Fashion Designing School. Several artists are seated in lobby at their easels creating similar sketches. Have a few fashion models pose for the artists. Using the sketches as background, a Fashion Show run by leading department store at hotel or in your theatre is a workable idea. Dresses ttsed are as similar to the Doris Day Costumes. Newspaper Fashion Editor acts as mistress of ceremonies. Get radio coverage. ORDER: Fashion Stills No. 777. Distribute Envelopes with ‘Parisian Post Cards’! Print up small cards with one column ads on one side and halftone art from Stills 777-A12, A54, 12 and 79 (see right) on reverse sides. Place in small envelopes on which is printed: PARISIAN POSTCARDS Look Inside...