April in Paris (Warner Bros.) (1952)

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BANNERS? VALANCES'? 9’ x 12’ FLAGWALL BANNER Fluorescent satin lettering. Brilliant coloring. $37.50 Single-faced; $65.00 Double-faced. —_— nnneanangy groan ; Ss \ eee ‘| BOLGER, ee ae ns USHERS’ BADGES Fluorescent “3 satin... (ee \\ ony 40¢ | TECHNICOLOR EQCn . @ 3 Hh es | Sectional Valance $1.50 per running foot. Fluorescent Satin. Minimum length 10 feet. DORIS ig , BOLGER : 4 STREET BALLY Promote a French Convertible car (Simca, Citroen or Renault) from local foreign car dealer. Fill with two or three models complete with hat boxes, abbreviated costumes and French poodles. Drive around town with sign copy reading: SEE WARNER BROS.’ HAPPY AS SPRINGTIME MUSICAL SPREE IN PAREE! “APRIL IN PARIS” DORIS DAY — RAY BOLGER WAR BRIDES Locate all local French War Brides for either special screening or attendance in group at first matinee showing. Tie in with Newspaper to cover. If at advance screening, get comments for use in ad or lobby display board. LOBBY STUNT Usherette on stand asks male passersby how they'd like a with newspaper to cover. If at advance screening, get comon a Technicolor picture. Order from National Screen Service photographer tied in on stunt shoots snapshots. Comic reac Exchanges. Regular || x 14's and 8 x 10's for lobby also available. tions in 8x10 stills are posted next day on lobby board. Set of ten full-color 8 x 10 stills. Just right for your campaign