April in Paris (Warner Bros.) (1952)

Record Details:

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ane? se = pea RRR nensrcenn see = WRITTEN BY JACK ROSE aNd MELVILLE SHAVELSON MUSICAL DIRECTION BY RAY HEINDORF DAVID BUTLER Wh How zey laugh! How zey play! Those Broadway Champs of the Champs a Elysees! soo DIRECTED BY Mat 501 — 5 cols. x 7% inches (525 lines) (Also in 4-col. size. See page 14.) THE CAST Dynamite Jackson S. Winthrop Putnam Philippe Fouquet Claude Dauphin Marcia Eve Miller Francois George Givot Secretary Sherman Paul Harvey Herbert Farjeon Wilson Miller Joshua Stevens Sinclair Wilson Raymond Largay John Alvin Jack Lomas THE PRODUCTION Produced by William Jacobs. Directed by David Butler. Written by Jack Rose and Melville Shavelson. Photography by Wilfrid M. Cline, A.S.C. Art Director, Leo K. Kuter. Film Editor, Irene Morra, A.C.E. Sound by C. A. Riggs; David Forrest. Set Decorator, Lyle B. Reifsnider. Makeup Artist, Gordon Bau. Wardrobe by Leah Rhodes. Assistant Director, Phil Quinn. Musical Numbers Staged and Directed by LeRoy Prinz. Song “April in Paris’’ Lyrics by E. Y. Harburg; Music by Vernon Duke. Original Songs: Lyrics by Sammy Cahn; Music by Vernon Duke. Musical Direction by Ray Heindorf. Orchestrations by Frank Comstock. Vocal Arrangements, Norman Luboff. Technicolor Color Consultant, Mitchell G. Kovaleski.