Broadway Hostess (Warner Bros.) (1935)

Record Details:

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ADVERTISING THEATRE “THE LADY IN RED’ FLAMES INTO STARDOM BROADWAY HOSTESS with t e p First Natio THEATRE 112 Lines Mat No. 208—20c 95 Lines Mat No. 109—10c “THE LADY IN RED” flames into stardom “THE LADY IN RED” IN HER FIRST STARRING PICTURE! ‘BROADWAY HOSTESS “THE LADY IN RED” FLAMES INTO STARDOM! ‘BROADWAY HOSTESS’ with SINGING 5 NEW SONG SENSATIONS ‘BROADWAY HOSTESS’ with e e mi XW (Who made “Lady In Red” the _Song sensation of the hour) PHIL REGAN © GENEVIEVE TOBIN 29 Lines Mat No. 112—10c LYLE TALBOT ¢ ALLEN JENKINS A Firat National Picture Phil Regan Genevieve Tobin: Allen Jenkins A First National Hit A First Natlonel Mit PHIL REGAN e GENEVIEVE TOBIN 15 Lines Mat No. 113—10c LYLE TALBOT e ALLEN JENKINS 43 Lines Mat No. 111—10Oc Red-Hot Rhythm..Cold-Blooded Murder..and Bitter-Sweet Love! ‘BROADWAY HOSTESS with ale GHW PHIL REGAN e GENEVIEVE TOBIN LYLE TALBOT e ALLEN JENKINS WATCH Wisi WIN STARDOM ‘in a gloriously melodious show all her own! BROADWAY _ HOSTESS’ with ale Giw lwho made ‘Lady In Red’ the song sensation of the hour) Phil Regan. Genevieve Tobin. Lyle Talbot. Allen Jenkins A First Nat I Pict A First Nationol Picture irst National Picture eo 58 Lines Mat No. 214—20c of 54 Lines Mat No. 213—20c { Page Ten . by \