Brother Rat (Warner Bros.) (1938)

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THEY’LL LOVE A PARADE You're planning a parade oe of course. And if there “fis a Military Academy in the neighborhood it VF should be an easy matter to arrange for the CADET — MIDDIE — “RAT” Street bally that is always good for a laugh. Three men, one dressed in West Point costume, another in Annapolis rega~ lia, and the third in V.M. WHEN SKIRT MEETS FLIRT AC WEST POINT cadets to parade to your theatre with bands blaring and banners and flags waving. This might be followed by a special matinee or supper show. No Military Academy? Well, how about the R.O.T.C. groups, Army Corps, the American Legion, the Veteran Organizations — any military group |. outfit, parade through the busier streets in town. Sign on cadet reads: "When Skirt Meets Flirt at West Point, It's 'Howdy Cadet!’ "'. Sign on middie reads: When Frail Meets Male at Annapolis, It's ‘Ahoy Middie!'"'. Sign on V.M.I. man: "But When Gal Meets Guy at V.M.I., It's 'H'ya Brother Rat.’ with a band and flashy uniforms. MUSIC MAESTRO, PLEASE Bands from local Military Academies, Army Posts, etc., should be enilsted to blow their own horns. Invite bands to march to theatre, in full parade regalia; give short concert in front of theatre and attend showing of "Brother Rat." Perhaps you can arrange to have bands on program. “V.M.I. DAY" IN TOWN November 11th is the 99th birthday of V.M.I. If you're playing "Brother Rat" on or about this date, arrange to have your Mayor officially declare a "V.M.I. Day" in your town. Newspapers, radio stations, local dealers can all be enlisted for support. Activities of the day include parades, drills, and various other fanfares included on this page. MAN-ON-THE-STREET Inquiring reporter interviews passersby with such questions as ''What does V.M.I. stand for?", ''Where is it located?", and follows up with "What is a ‘Brother Rat'?"'. Most people will be stumped by this one, whereupon reporter explains meaning of term and works in plug for your show. P.S. ‘Brother Rat' starts Thursday at the Strand Theatre." SAY ‘“‘HI BROTHER RAT” ""Hi Brother Rat''' — should replace "Hi Pal’ as a greeting. Make it your town's newest catch phrase in this manner: Instruct entire service staff to address their friends with: "Hi Brother Rat" Enlist the aid of local columnists in popularizing the term. Walter Winchell explained recently in his column that "Brother Rat’ is a greeting customarily used by cadets at V.M.l. Has the same meaning as pal, chum. Make use of your contacts on college campus, and get them to use the phrase. Hand out buttons advertised on page 8. Print up small cards with following copy and distribute at strategic points: ''When Friends Meet, It's "Hi Brother Rat'—the comedy smash hit now at the Strand Theatre. STREAMLINED STREET BALLY A nod to George Lewis of the Rialto Theatre, Illinois for this streamlined trailer bally. Girls dressed in cadet uniform distribute heralds on busy street corners. Art can be picked up from the one-sheet (see page 19). Float will be especially effective at night if flooded with colored lights. (4) STAGE DRILL CONTEST We "There's something about a soldier that is fine fine fine... '' Take a hint and stage a few drill contests. Rival academies compete for prizes contributed by local merchants. If you're confined to only one unit, drill contest may be held between different platoons of same school. Have reporters and photographers on hand for possible "breaks." CADETS SIGNAL An oldie but always sure to attract a crowd is this one. Cadet Signal Corps conducts demonstration of Army signals by various methods: flags, lights, heliograph etc. One Cadet on marquee and another across the street signal to each other then unfurl banner advertising show. NOVELTY GIVEAWAY An easy and inexpensive way to give the title wide circulation is to distribute the special novelty button made available for this picture. For price and illusrtation see page 8. The copy on this button, "When skirt meets flirt — It's Hya BROTHER RAT" — should encourage use of the catchphrase.