Brother Rat (Warner Bros.) (1938)

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THANKS TO THE CRITICS This is how the P.A. for ''Brother Rat" stage companies handled the reviews. Newspaper ads thank the critics for their raves with this copy: ''We like the critics so much we've decided to make them "BROTHER RATS". They like us too. Read: (follow this with quotes from local reviews). TELL ’EM ABOUT STAGE On the stage, "Brother Rat" played in every principal city during its two year run. If your city was included in the tour be sure to take advantage of this swell advance build-up by sending letters to legitimate theatre groups, dramatic critics, etc. Blow up quotes from the reviews local critics gave the stage play and use as lobby and front display. SO HIS PARENTS SHIPPED HIM TO VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE WHERE THE BOYS CALLED EACH OTHER BROTHER RAT BUT STILL CALLED WILLIAM ‘Dopey’ ALL THE NEIGHBOURS SAID WILLIAM WAS A FINE FELLOW, BUT ALL THE OTHER BOYS CALLED HIM ‘DOPEY’ “BLIND DATE’’ CONTEST "Blind Date" experiences always make amusing stories. Essay contests can be worked in cooperation with local paper using such topics as Should Girls Accept Blind Dates?"; “| Married My Blind Date and Why"; "My Most Amusing Experience With a Blind Date", etc. Award prizes for best ones. HIT HOW A FINE FELLOW BECAME A “BROTHER RAT” AND HOW TO RING SOUTHERN DOORBELLES AND OH, LOTS OF OTHER INT— ERESTING THINGS THERE THE BOYS SHOWED WILLIAM HOW TO STRENGTHEN ALL HIS MUSCLES NEWSPAPERS AND RADIO SYNONYMS FOR ‘‘RAT’’ Picture's title can be made clearer to the average layman by running a contest in which readers are asked to coin other words or expressions to be substituted for "Brother Rat''. It should be explained at the outset that the title is an expression used by seniors at V.M.I. to greet each other. SPECIAL FEATURE STORIES lf there are any Confederate veterans in town who served under "Stonewall" Jackson, you might arrange to have them supply local newspaper with feature story material on reminiscences of the days when General Jackson, former instructor at V.M.I. led cadets into battle. Feature writer also writes about local V.M.I. graduates who made good. Hilarious highlights from Warner’ Bros. “Brother Rat” starring Priscilla Lane and Wayne Morris coming to the Strand Friday. ONE DAY, THE BOYS SAID ‘WILLIAM, NOW YOU ARE A BROTHER RAT!” AND WILLIAM WAS TICKLED TO DEATH ALTHO HE DID'NT KNOW WHAT IT MEANT TO BUT HE FOUND OUT, AND HE WAS A BROTHER RAT FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE AND HAD LOTS OF FUN BE A BROTHER RAT The above cartoon strip can be planted in local newspaper either as a feature or contest. If you use the contest angle, invite readers to make up their own captions for each cartoon. Order mat 501B — 75c from Campaign Plan Editor. HOW TO COVER THE CAMPUS Although the story is laid in a Military Institute the incidents are typical of all college life. And so these campus capers should help your campaign: MOST TYPICAL FRESHMEN: In cooperation with local schools and newspaper, conduct a city-wide search for "Miss Typical Freshman’ and "Mr. Typical Freshman.'' Each school selects its most typical boy and girl first-year students. Committee made up of newspapermen and city officials select winning pair at your theatre night picture opens. TACK CARDS: Make up special cards along the following lines for distribution among frat houses, school cafeteria, library etc. Copy: "Need some new ideas on how to initiate pledgees? — See ‘Brother Rat' at the Strand Theatre Thursday." "If you think hazing has been abolished see ‘Brother Rat.’ Starts Thursday at the Strand Theatre,'' etc. FOOTBALL COVERAGE: Distribute heralds and special football badges with college imprint (see page 8) at big local games. CONSENSUS can be taken from first year men in local high schools and colleges to find out whether they'd rather be called freshmen, "Brother Rats,’ or some other name — and why. COLLEGE PAPERS: Inform student bodies by means of special! ads and publicity in college and high school papers and magazines. {7} FOR YOUR RADIO CAMPAIGN MILITARY SONGS: If you have an ‘in' with the local radio station get them to put on a special program dedicated to Virginia Military Institute. Songs suggested are: "The Spirit of V.M.I., Army Blue, Victory March, Spirit of Old West Point etc. A plug for your showing before and after program? But definitely. DEBATE can be arranged over local radio station on the question "Are secret marriages excusable?", in which arguments pro and con on the complications arising from such marriages should be given. Prizes can also be awarded for the most amusing letter concerning a secret marriage sent in to radio station. (one minute spot) ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, attention! (sound of rolling drums and marching feet). Mark time to the marching feet of those dashing, devil-maycare "Brother Rats" as they storm the screen with their hilarious escapades and romantic adventures. West Point has its cadets, Annapolis has its midshipmen, but only Virginia Military Institute has the "Brother Rats." You'll be cheering for them in Warner Bros. banner production of the 2-year Broadway stage hit, "Brother Rat'' coming to the Strand Theatre on Friday. The large cast includes Priscilla Lane (‘heroine of "Four Daughters") as the sweetheart of V.M.I. who can make any student forget rules and regulations; Wayne Morris who is always ready for action, but usually heading for trouble; and a host of comedy favorites including Eddie Albert, Jane Bryan, Ronald Reagan, Jane Wyman, and Johnnie Davis. It's the grand laugh and love show of American Youth, so be sure to step out with Priscilla Lane, Wayne Morris, and the stalwart cadets of V.M.I. in the season's Big Parade of entertainment, "Brother Rat," at the Strand Theatre Friday.