Brother Rat (Warner Bros.) (1938)

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STUDIO STYLES FEATURES TWO “BROTHER RAT” DRESSES Studio Styles will feature two "Brother Rat" dresses, inspired by the V.M.I. uniforms worn in the picture. One has a tiny upstanding collar, stiffened bodice front with side closing, and a silver plaque buckle with a design of crossed guns. Another, a softer version of the military style, has braid-trimmed neck and shoulder line, bloused bodice, and a wide belt buckle of military inspiration. Both dresses are available in deep blue, as well as a variety of other high fashion shades. Contact your local dealer and work with him ona timely “Brother Rat" promotion to help your showing. He will have display material. For further information and list of local dealers contact: MR. MARK JACOBSON, L. &. D. Beilinson 1400 Broadway @ New York City “BROTHER RAT’S” MILITARY CAP A realistic military cap, in academy gray, high quality material with gold buttons and shield imprinted in gold on black leather. Ideal novelty for ushers, newsboys, parades, prizes, etc. Price—25c each F.O.B. New York City. Specify sizes desired when ordering. Order from: BERNARD R. KAHN KAY ADVERTISING CAP CO. 33 West 3rd Street, New York City Order These Stills of Priscilla Lane Holding “Brother Rat" Doll from Campaign Plan Editor. BR 54, BR Pub A40, BR Pub A42, BR Pub A43, BR Pub A46