Brother Rat (Warner Bros.) (1938)

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INTERESTING ACTION SCENES FOR PICTURE PAGES Wayne Morris Shows Director Keighley How He Makes Love to Priscilla Lane (Mat 401-B—60c. Order from Campaign Plan Editor ) (Left)— SWEETHEARTS ON PARADE— Ronald Reagan, Jane Wyman, Priscilla Lane and Wayne Morris link arms and_ hearts as they stroll along V.M.I.'s Lovers Lane in "Brother Rat", the grand laugh and love hit coming to the Strand. Mat 201—30c (Right)— HONOR GUARD! Wayne Morris and Priscilla Lane under an arbor of cadet sabres in “Brother Rat,’ the riotous comedy of military school life, which comes to the Strand. Mat 213—30c LOVE'S THE THING when Priscilla Lane and Wayne Morri t togeth th shaseimianlie, greelimects HOW IT’S DONE IN THE MOVIES of "Brother Rat," screen version of Broadway's senYou've probably wondered how movies are made of people sational two-year comedy walking straight toward you on the screen. The lowdown smash, coming to the Strand. is—the camera is mounted on a truck called a "dolly", le Jeenik, and a big reflector is placed above the camera to reflect the proper lighting. The ‘dolly is wheeled backwards as the actors walk toward it, stopping whenever directed for "close-ups". When you see the scene on the screen it looks exactly as the shot of Johnny Davis, Priscilla Lane comedy hit now showing at the Strand. Mat 302 — 45¢ "WE NOW PRONOUNCE YOU ‘BROTHER RAT'" says Wayne Morris, as he wields the broom. One of the hilarious scenes in "Brother Rat,'' the comedy hit now on the screen at the Strand. Mat 202 — 30c (10)