Busses Roar (Warner Bros.) (1942)

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BUY U. S. WAR BONDS-STAMPS Strand News LOOSE TALK Can COST LIVES! Vol. II—No. 4 Warner Bros. Pictures Corp. BUSSES ROAR’ OUT OF JAP TRAP Marine Taken For A A NEST Ride-And Likes It! Being taken for a ride is one of the things Richard Travis enjoys most. Every time he goes on one, the young Warner Bros. player, currently seen as a U. S. Marine in “Busses Roar” at the Strand Theatre, gets places, both literall He went for a ride on a horse in a movie short, “Here Comes the Cavalry,” and Bette Davis FIGHT SPY Mat 101—15c Richard Travis and Julie Bishop, as a U. S. marine and his girl friend, tangle with some desperate Jap saboteurs in Warners’ thrilling “Busses Roar’’. happened to see him. Result: he was her leading man in “The Man Who Came to Dinner.” Now, in “Busses Roar,” currently at the Strand, he goes for the ride of his cinematic lifetime in a bus careening down a mountainside road, minus driver and minus brakes, and loaded with a saboteur’s time bomb. But Travis emerges with his first important top-line part —and pretty red-haired Julie y and figuratively. Bishop in his arms. In his next assignment, the only ride he takes is at the bumpy bottom of a hay cart, but the role, that of Hammer in “The Edge of Darkness,” is one of the key dramatic parts in the war thriller. And in all his intervening pictures, including “The Big Shot,” “The Tanks Are Coming,” “Escape from Crime,” and “The Postman Didn’t Ring,” he has been taken for a ride of one sort or another, including army tank, gangster’s murder car, plane and speedboat. “Tt’s okay by me,” laughs Travis, “if they send me scooting down the street in a kiddie car.” OF SPIES at 201—30c A group of jap-paid saboteurs gather to plan the destruction of a bus and its human cargo in the above scene from Warner Bros.’ thrilling new film, “‘Busses Roar’, now at the Strand Theatre. ‘Busses Roar’ Timely Spy Action-Thriller “Busses Roar,” a thrill-packed picture about Japanese saboteur activities on the West Coast, had its first local showing last night at the Strand Theatre. The Warner Bros. production stars Richard Travis and Julie Bishop as two passengers on a bus which Jap spies plan to blow up. A time bomb is to be placed on a San Francisco bound bus and set to go off near the target for a Jap submarine. One of the agents slips a suitcase containing the bomb to Julie Bishop. One of the other passengers discovers the contents of the lethal valise and Travis, in the role of a marine, exposes the plot, clears Julie Bishop of any connection with the crime, and helps bring the spies to justice. Hot Copy Makes Breath-Taking Film Three front-page war stories provide the breath-taking thrills of Warner Bros.’ “Busses Roar,” starring Richard Travis and Julie Bishop at the Strand. The first of these is the laconic report of the Navy flier on his patrol in the Atlantic, “Sighted sub; sank same.” The abortive Jap submarine attack on the west coast oil-fields furnished the basis for the plot of the Warner action-drama. Also out of the front page clips is the angle of Jap spies operating short-wave contact with the enemy under the guise of peaceful vegetable farmers. This page has been designed with an added “newspaper mast head” so that you can reproduce it locally as a tabloid WARNER BROS: Jap Spies Exposed In Adventure Film A new, exciting film about Jap spy and sabotage activities in the oil fields of California will be the screen fare presented at the Strand Theatre next Friday when Warner Bros.’ “Busses Roar” starts its local run. The fast-paced picture stars Richard Travis and Julie Bishop in the thrilling story of a group of innocent passengers on a bus who are used as the tools of Japanese saboteurs. A time-bomb is planted in Julie Bishop’s (she is cast as a passenger on the bus) baggage and later discovered by a marine (Richard Travis’ role). Travis manages to prevent the bomb from exploding and traps the saboteurs. D. Ross Lederman directed “Busses Roar” from a_ screen play by George R. Bilson and Anthony Coldewey. ROARING ADVENTURE! RICHARD TRAVIS JULIE BISHOP CHARLES DRAKEELEANOR PARKERELISABETH FRASER: Directed by D. ROSS LEDERMAN Screen Play by George R. Bilson and Anthony Coldewey Original Story by Anthony Coldewey A.JBUY WAR BONDS AT THIS THEATRE} A qT H E A T R E & D A | E AS._A SALUTE TO YOUR HEROES! Mat 202-714 inches x 2 columns (200 lines)-30c throwaway or window streamer... or blow up for lobby display. Use this space for theatre imprint. The stories and mats shown comprise your regular Publicity Campaign. (More Ads and Exploitation on Following Pages >>>