Busses Roar (Warner Bros.) (1942)

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“Busses Roar’ Signs like the one suggested below can be prepared locally at little cost and placed at all important local and interurban bus stops. Danger Ahead! when BUSSES ROAR LOOK BEFORE YOU CROSS Thritis Ahead! “BUSSES ROAR” NOW—STRAND THEATRE ...AND BUS STATIONS! Mount still shown above on II" x 14" cards for display on counters and bulletin boards in local bus terminal. Still is BR-28, available in Vitagraph Exchange set. WARNER TRAILER Sells All The Angles= Right From YourScreen! BOOK IT TODAY FROM YOUR VITAGRAPH EXCHANGE NES EE shown on back page). TRY THIS IN LOBBY v Get a toy bus from local toy shop and set it up in lobby on a circular track and rig it so that it will keep going round and round. Mount scenes from the picture with cut out title over stills on cylinder inside track. TIE-UP STILLS Tie up stills will sell the stars and the picture from store windows and counters all around town. Plant these with local dealers. Set of 10 available for 75c—10c individually. Order "Busses Roar Tie-up Stills" from Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44 Street, New York City. RICHARD TRAVIS: sport shirt—RT 6; sport jacket—RT 13; hat—RT 16; sweater —RT 59; tennis—RT 81. JULIE BISHOP: jewelry—JB 24; blouse— JB 72; bathing suit—JB 77; bicycle—JB 83; hat—JB 91. STREET BALLYHOO — Hire bus to travel main streets, with action scene blow-ups in each window and display sign on sides reading: "There's ACTION GALORE ... when BUSSES ROAR." EXPLOITATION CAMPAIGN -& Ways To Say—Action Ahead! Prepare these four ''Highway Signs’ as shown, using art indicated (from the posters Then put them to work like this: 1. STREET: Set them up several yards apart on street leading up to theatre entrance. If you've got small town patronage, place several sets of such highway signs on main roads leading into town. Inexpensive to prepare—but sure to make ‘em notice! Zz. LOBBY: Place these in se quence along lobby wall leading to auditorium entrance or inside theatre on stairway leading to balcony. Anywhere around the house they'll snap attention to your show. 3. WINDOWS: For a teaser effect, and to help merchants add punch to their windows, promote space in four adjoining store windows. Place first sign in one window with snipe reading "See Lee's Sport Shop window = ." Sign in second window directs onlooker to third window, etc. Last window re-directs them to first window. NEWS MONTAGE Dig into local newspaper files for stories and photos of the recent unsuccessful Jap submarine attempt to shell a California coast oil refinery. Use blow-ups of these clips as background for display of action stills from your Vitagraph Exchange set, plus special stills shown below. Banner line: SEE HOW SNEAK JAP SUB ATTACK ON U. S. WAS FOILED! Special Stills For All Displays! Both these stills, widely used in the ads, are available as 8" x 10" glossy photos for use as lobby enlargements, cut-outs, newspaper publicity or ad and Use these together with poster cut-outs for all your lobby and out front display needs. program art. Order “BR Display Stills”—set of 2—20c—from Campaign Editor, 321 W. 44 St., N.Y.C.