Captain Thunder (Warner Bros.) (1930)

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CAPTAIN THUNDER” —A Warner Bros. and Vitaphone Production eo Vitphone Production CATCH LINES First in love, first in war and first in the hearts of his countrywomen (Biographical) FLASHING EYES WON THEM FORTUNE IN FILMS Victor Vareoni and Fay Wray who are featured in “Captain Thun a. . der,’ Warner Bros. and Vitaphone When a woman puts pé rfume on her lips, shades on her lamps, and the key out-| romance of old Sesias; siaat ak side the door, you can look for Thunde r with a rising temperature. == | Theatre, owe much of their success in pictures to the scintillat ing, magnetic power of their eyes. He loved to fight and fought to love. He’d break heads—hearts—but never his word. When a high school girl in Holly wood, Miss Wray’s eyes fascinated her friends. Then they attracted attention among prominent person Robin Hood of the Rio Grande. Pealing laughter—clapping hands—lightning thrills—all in the trail of Captain Thunder. alities of the film colony and the first thing she knew she was flash ing them in front of a motion pic A man-killer—maybe so—a lady killer sure theeng! ture camera. Starting as an extra she soon be Senoritas bounded into his arms like Mexican jumping beans! came a leading lady in two reel comedies. She played afterward the if actions speak louder than words—and Captain Thunder is a loud actor—when eee eee of wee ee tures. he makes love the ladies yell for more! © When Eric Von Stroheim cast her for the feminine lead in “The Wedding March,” Miss Wray reached the important turning point in her | Hvery woman prayed for a change of weather. They all wanted Thunder with a rising temperature! Scene from “Captain Thunder* A warner Bros Production Production No. 4—Cut or Mat career. Since that time she has ap nn SCAP’N THUNDER” BANDIT GANGS WOULD DELIGHT CAPTAIN KIDD Many of the screen's toughest | rustlers. Robert Elliott and Frank | peared in over twenty productions, over half of which have been all talking successes. ‘*CAPTAIN THUNDER” Men winced at the flash of his gun— women wilted at the flash of his eyes! REE EL ELE Charles Judels, Robert Elliott, . Robert Emmett Keane, John Sain; polis, Don Alvarado, Natalie Moorhead and others complete the allstar cast. Alan Crosland directed “Captain Thunder.” Fay Wray’s newest role is a beautiful daughter of Old Mexico in “Captain Thunder,” story of border wustomers appear in support of Fay | Campeau, two of the screen’s most land love and adventure in which Victor Vareoni enacts the title role. Wray and Victor Vareoni in “Cap-| famous bad men, head this band of tain Thunder,” the Warner Bros.| reckless lads. and Vitaphone picture of romance Combined, they represent a commd adventure in Old Mexico now | Poste of practically all the Hollythe . Ti catre | wood extras and bit players listed nder this particular classification. ————————————————————————————————or—rwvO SS. mOoOno"——™"’" ADVERTISEMENT Two separate groups of film ugly (Biographical) UR, Charles Judels, Don Alvarado, mugs are seen in the picture. Not! \.atalie Moorhead, Bert Alvarado, | BERT ROACH WINS wmly do they look good and tough,| Robert Emmett Keane and John but they act it. One group is the Sainpolis complete the cast. Tt: -is HAND AS COMIC IN “CAP’N THUNDER” A boudoir bandit who loved his work an original story by Hal Davitt and Pierre Coudere adapted by Gordon Rigby. Alan Crosland directed tader. His swaggering bravado|“Captain Thunder.” provides a Vivid eontrast to the | | | motley but faithful desperadoes, | H ; | jWhich comprise his lawless band. (Biographical) The other crowd of tough cus PITTSBURGH BEAUTY + . vomers 1g composed of gringo cattle Siete IN “CAP’N THUNDER” bandit gang of which the handsome and his work ... and daring Victor Vareoni is the (usually brunette) Bert Roach, the rotund comedian wh plays the part of the timid and befuddled bandit in “Captain Thunder,” the Warner Bros. and Vitaphone production featuring Fay Wray and Victor Varconi, now Bebe. cnr. Theatre, is a veteran of Hollywood having started in motion pictures nearly eighteen years ago as an extra in the days when a three-reeler was & super-special. Roach came to pictures from ‘the stage having played an important part in “The Arcadians” for Charles Frohman. Being unable to get recognition, he decided to start at the bottom as an extra. His comic genius quickly won him bits and ... loved him! Natalie Moorhead, who portrays a dazzling senorita of Old Mexico in support of Fay Wray and Victor Vareoni in “Captain Thunder,” the Warner Bros. and Vitaphone lightning romance of love and adventure now at the ......--Theatre, is one stage player who did not get her footlight experience on Broadway. Trenton, New Jersey, in “The Baby Cyclone” and Hollywood with the Henry Duffy Players in the same piece, are the cities in which Miss Moorhead got her experience. It was while appearing in this play that she walked into the talkies ind stayed. Natalie Moorhead was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania of nonprofessional parents. Considered to be one of Hollywood's most attractive blonds, she has appeared in such pictures as “The Office Wife,” “Divorce Among Friends,” “Thru Different Eyes,” “The Girl From Havana” and others. She is five feet two inches tall and has blue finally featured roles. Talking pictures again gave him the opportunity to put to use his early stage training, and to put his splendid speaking voice to work for the entertainment of movie fans. He has recently had important in “Viennese Nights” “The Hot | y Tamale ; Heartbreaker] : WARNER BROS. Present 4 { ‘WARNER ost Present \ CAPTAIN THUNDER Hot Tamale Heartbreaker! *« He loved to-fight —and fought roles Time, Place and the Girl,” “The Argyle Case,” “Hold Everything” and others. Bert Roach was born in Washington, D. C. on August 28, 1891. His parents now live in Alaska. After graduating from a Washington High School he was on eyes. ; Alan Crosland directed “Captain to love! sas : whi lso Thunder,” the cast of which als eee ; : ~ includes Charles Judels, Robert ee Bite ee ee aa : § FAY WRAY FAY WRAY | Filiott, Don Alvarado, Bert Roach, | pictures in 1919. arr < VICTOR Prank Campeau, Robert Emmett | an enthusiastic gee oe — Ei VICTOR VAR CONI : es ee eight i tter of conjecture. % VA Ses > weight is a ma eat RCONI Keane and others e VITAPHON > |VITAPHowr, ia . Mexico! ning Comedy of Old Two Column Ad—Style J—Cut or Mat “Captain Thunder” —Light