Cherokee Strip (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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“CHEROKEE STRIP" ACCESSORIES SPECIAL QUANTITY PRICES! SPECIAL QUANTITY PRICES—(The following prices are quoted to the exhibitor only under condition that these posters are to be used for posting or sniping in connection with the advertising of CHEROKEE. .STRiP}: One-Sheets — 50 to 99, llc ea.; 100 & over, 9c ea. Three-Sheets—50 to 99, 32c ea.; 100 & over 28c ea. Six-Sheets — 25 to 49, 80c ea.; 50 to 99, 70c ea.; 100 & over, 60c ea. PEAT uu ce 14” xX 36” ! INSERT RE NT twice the amount of accessories you are now buying at no additional cost, and thus protect your business with full advertising coverage, OR SAVE 45 PERCENT OF YOUR PRESENT ADVERTISING COST! That’s Why the Nation’s Showmen Say WELCOME to Warner Bros. ADVERTISING ACCES SO R81 -E_S i Teenie RENTAL PLAN T2107 40 Seto acess sims sais Te each HOMO eo Dac rssvrca nei sek wlece's ce 6e each 100 and over............542e each (Note: This card can be used on all Foran westerns. ) RENTAL—12c RINTED ¢ IN U.S.