Confessions of a Nazi Spy (Warner Bros.) (1939)

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“CONFESSIONS OF A NAZI SPY” must not be treated the same way you handle the average picture. Because of the nature of this picture—its timeliness, its importance, and its story content— exploitation should be no problem to you. Before launching your exploitation campaign, analyze your situation. Is your community made up of people sympathetic to and active in anti-Nazi movements? How many organizations will cooperate with you? Is there a large student body in your town or neighborhood? What about your newspaper support? In short, make your appeal tit every local source of activity to exploit the picture. This campaign is planned to meet the requirements of first run and subsequent run situations. Both sides of the track have definite jobs to do. Both are important. Both call for judicious showmanship! WORKING IDEAS FOR EXPLOITATION ON BOTH SIDES OF THE TRACK! Turn to following pages...