Crime School (Warner Bros.) (1938)

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EXPLOITATION! THIS ALWAYS GETS THE 0.0. Schools with barbed-wire Wey See \ . Ne AS ‘ ee % \ \ classrooms! Teachers with o> ab Recep blog: and whips! & ne STILL CS 39 Pupils with scarred backs and hearts! Right— Blow-ups of plenty of stills shown at the right are just the thing to make “em stop and : look. Copy acLessons in etl kati od Be How to make STILLCS 27 across the “sensational” angle. SENSATIONAL STILLCS 2 MARQUEE DECORATION consists of blow-up heads van eg , — , GRAPH REVEALS CRIME of the six kids set behind jail bars (see still No. CS 258). ; : : . SITUATION Blaze this copy across entire display: ‘(Meet the Graduates z A little research into police files will get of ‘Crime School’—Class of 1938.”’ Underneath photos the exact number of criminals in your city this line: “With the ‘Dead End’ Kids.” who have attended reform schools, besides other highly interesting data. Use these figures to dramatize your lobby displays. Be sure not to mention names and addresses. Show graph which indicates either an increase or decrease in prison attendance in your community, and compare with a similar graph showing a rise or fall in reform school attendance. SURPRINT NEWSPAPERS Arrange to have local newspapers turn over to you a surplus of an early edition. Over top of front page surprint this headline: "Kids § turned into killers in ‘Crime School.''' Dress couple of kids as "ragamuffins’ and have them dis tribute papers on street corners. Another angle is to take newspaper page carrying shocking criminal acts, and circling headlines with red ink. Across top of age surprint this headline: "The learned it all in "Crime School.’ a STILLS IN LOBBY of the six kids mounted around a the Strand on Friday." circle on large board. In center place a blow-up of Humphrey Bogart pointing his finger (CS 248). Balloon pointing to him carries this copy: “I’ll show you schools where today’s kids are turned into tomorrow’s killers.” Billing and playdates appear at bottom of display. x oe EXTRA! Kiners Are Made~ Not Born!..,See ‘Crime School"! Wo CAMPAIGN PLAN EDITOR LIFT NEXT PAGE FOR ADVERTISIN WB CAMPAIGN PLAN EDITOR (2)