Crime School (Warner Bros.) (1938)

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1-SHEET..... .. Rental: 8c each 1-SHEET ..... .. Rental: 8c each (Quantity Prices: 50 to 99 — 11c each: 100 and over — 9c each.) OTHER ACCESSORIES ON EACH FILM —EXPLOITIPS — AVAILABLE BUT NOT ILLUSTRATED Showmen who have played “Crime School” and “Girls on Probation” have done the following with excellent results: Oeereer a -..... Rental: 24c¢c each (Quantity prices: 50 to 99 — 32c each; 100 and over — 28c each) e Town-wide distribution of heralds, printed locally on inexpensive news stock with ad mat 301 (see page 2). @ Spot announcements on local radio sta COLORED 22 x 26.) Rental: 20c each tions. : e Lobby display of newspaper headlines 4COLOREDI1x14’s Rental: 20c for set Gnd sictes Gm the Gurienl welel ware problem of juvenile delinquency. INSERT CARD.._._................._ Rental: 12¢ each e Local inauguration of a recreational ae Brice. Vecoach “canteen” for youths of town. Follow the outline of the plan instituted in Moline, Ill., by the youngsters there. In coopera HUMPHREY BOGART STAR FOTOS tion with the Associated Dads’ Club, com(Available for “Crime School”) prising fathers of school children, and the Parent-Teachers Association, a_three[1 x 14 signed color glos priced: | to 9 — 35c story building was rented to serve as the each; 10 to 24 — 30c each: 25 and over — 20c clubrooms. Town folk contributed the each. Also available in 8 x 10 size at 15c each. ere and the children did the rest. Et fectiveness of the plan is shown by the . statement of Police Chief Jaeger of Moline 8 x 10 autographed fan foto priced: 1,000 to that in the first month of operation there 2,000 — $4.40 per M. See your Vitagraph ad has been a 50% decline in juvenile desalesman for other special quantity prices. linquency in that town.