Crooner (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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INFORMATION SECTION Page Two Ann Dvorak, as she appears in First National’s “Crooner.” Cut No. 3 Cut 30c Mat roc THE STORY Teddy and his college band have been trying to break in on Broadway without success. They are near starvation when given a chance for a try-out at the Golden Slipper Night Club. They prove flop until a drunken dane Teddy * megaphone and ‘neh that TT m __aanstanta.cous Mn. with the ladies. Meyers, the proprietor, seeing that the stunt has gone over, immediately signs the boys for a month. The band proves a big success. Judy, Teddy’s sweetheart, * er suades a high powered pub‘icity man to manage the boys. He refuses Meyers’ offer of @ new contract at five times the salary and gets Teddy an opening, to exoon over the radio. Again ‘ye is an instantaneous success af:ter which Meyers gives him a ¢¢ntract at a tremendous figure. The suceess goes to Teddy’s head. He imagines he is a genius and swallovys even his own publicity stories. He becomes ambitious to break into society and snubs Judy. She tells him he is a four-flusher and breaks with him. Teddy becomes so up-stage he rees to sing in dance tempo. The s of the Golden Slipper beangry and razz him. He loses Venn Qo ran rhs Liu _-.+> anv pues ON @ ed spree, spends all his “mouey and winds up as a saxaphone play ey in a cheap Harlem resort. Peter, the publicity man, who is ‘im love with Judy finally wins her promise to marry him. They are listening to the radio one night when a newspaper columnist announces their betrothal and at the same time mentions the downfall of Teddy. Peter sees Judy’s reaction to the announcement and knows at once that she still loves Teddy. Peter is to meet Judy the next day to be married. He arranges to have Teddy take his place at the tryst, and the two meet. The old love flames again. Their happiness is complete when they get a note from Peter wishing them luck and telling them that he thinks Teddy -has learned his lesson and that he will put him over again. OFFICIAL BILLING First National Pictures, Inc. 5% present “CROONER” 100% with David Manners — Ann Dvorak 75% Ken Murray — Guy Kibbee 25% Directed by Lloyd Bacon 20% A First National and Vitaphone Picture 40% PRODUCTION STAFF Directed 69 a Photography by. Art Director. 22 oe Pi 2 aur. ee “CROONER” SALES ANGLES CAPITALIZE TREMENDOUS INTEREST IN RADIO IDOLS “CROONER” offers you the opportunity to cash in on the tremendous vogue of radio crooners. Much has been written about them in the daily press. Controversies as to the merits and demerits of ‘‘Crooners”’ as entertainers, have been raging back and forth across the Continent. SELL “Crooner”? as the “Low Down” on YOUR Favorite Radio Idol. In David Manners and Ann Dvorak, you have a fine pair of young screen lovers to sell. Ann Dvorak’s work in “The Crowd Roars,”’ “The Strange Love of Molly Louvain,” “Searface” and “Stranger in Town,” have made her a fine box office bet. It will pay you to give her name prominent billing. KEN MURRAY is very well known to radio audiences and vaudeville patrons. Although a newcomer to the screen, his reputation as a stellar radio star more than justifies your giving him a big plug. SELL “Crooner” as being the first picture to actually expose crooners as they really are, although it is not based on the life or affairs of any particular person! BIOGRAPHICAL BRIEFS DAVID MANNERS David Manners was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After graduation from the University of Toronto, he decided to try Broadway. Got his chance in “Daneing Mothers.” Immediate success. Played with New York Theatre Guild for some time. Got a screen test and a part in “Journey’s End.” On screen in “The Last. ~~ Phe Millionaire,Drae| ula,’ “Man Wanted,” “Stranger In Town” and “Crooner,” playing the title role in the latter. ANN DVORAK: Ann Dvorak crashed the movies by passing a screen test for “Searface.” Given feminine lead in “Sky Devils.” Has been playing leading roles ever since. Her pictures include “The Crowd Roars,” “The Strange Love of Molly Louvain,’ “Love Is a Reoeokot” “Stranger in Town” and ver.” Rornwedn New York a daughter of Aun... Lehr, time stage and screen ite. KEN MURRAY Ken Murray . started on stage in vaudeville and musical comedy. Won fame as a radio en GUY KIBBEE Guy Kibbee trouped the country in road shows for years. 'tertainer for RKO. Then played in several pictures, including “Ladies of the Jury.” Was making stage tour of country with Mary Brian when Warner Bros. engaged him for “Crooner.” Born and educated in New York City. A writer as well as an actor. First book, “Foolin’ Around” has just been published. SHEILA TERRY Born in Waroad, Minnesota. Shortly afterward went to Toronto, Canada. Educated in Canadian branch of the Royal Academy of London. Early stage training in stock. Went to New York and made hit as lead in “The Little Racketeer.” Her success won a screen test and contract with Warner Bros. Has had parts in “Week End Marriage,” “Big City Blues” and “Crooner.” THE CAST BE fa i ie aoe ae ae Davin MANNERS Uti i ee eee Ann Dvorak Péter oe ee Ken Murray Hat check girl 2 SHEILA TERRY PO Ss ee eee WiLutiAM JANNEY Henry Eppie NuGENT Meyers 2 i ee J. Carroti NaisH His: secretary Betty GILLETTE iG. Oh sr es oe Guy Kipper Theatre manager___.WILLIAM HALLIGAN Math Se ee Teppy JoyYcrE BOYS SUMNER GETCHEL TOR ee CLARENCE NorsTRUM Teal phe ALLEN VINCENT Head waiter____.____._.W1LLIAM RICCIARDI Constance = CratreE Dopp Finally landed on Broadway and made a tremendous hit in “The Torch Song.” Called to the sereen to play in “The Torch Song.” His pictures ‘include “Union Depot,” “High Pressure,” “Fireman, Save My Child,” “The Mouthpiece,” “Winner Take All,” “Play Girl,” “Taxi,” “The Dark Horse” and “Crooner.” Born in El Paso, Texas. Pet hobby is fishing. PLAY VITAPHONE SHORTS FOR A WELL-BALANCED PROGRAM David Manners, who plays the title role in First National’s satire of Radio Romeos, “Crooner.” Cut No.4 Cut 15c Mat 5c