Crooner (Warner Bros.) (1932)

Record Details:

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AT LAST! HOLLYWOOD GIVES YOU THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT THE MALE CANARIES! What are they really like? What kind of lovers do they make? Do they fall for blondes or brunettes? Are they he-men or heliotropes? This picture tells everything you want to know about your favorite radio star! Will you be surprised! with | ANN DVORAK DAVID MANNERS KEN MURRAY, GUY KIBBEE Whoops, my |: dear! He’s EZ t th ki 3 Another great hit Sata Steve 7 from First National to clutch! OPENS TODAY STRAND Cut No. 19 Cut 60c Mat r5¢ he's just a s vagabond . . « here’s the real “inside” on radio’s most popular species — the CROONERS! . . « The guys who can dish it out over the air waves, but can’t “take it” in a love nest! with Ann_ Dvorak, David Manners, Ken Murray. Cut No. 12 Cut goc Mas 10¢ Page Six : . The Truth About That Radio Romeo! LAST 2 DAYS CORKING “CROON! It’s the Inside Story of the Rise and Fall of Yo He Put the Sex Appeal in a Megaphone and ] The Inside Story of the Life and Loves of A i Hollywood Gives You the Real Truth About Can 50 Million Love-Struck Women Be Wr« It’s the Inside Story of a Radio Romeo Who The Inside Story of a Masculine Soprano Wh The Bird Who Broke Up Happy Homes by § A Radio Star Who Wrapped Himself in Cellop Women Went Wild About This Radio Romeo The Romeo of Tunes Who Makes His Living He Turned a Nation of Husbands and Sweeth Women Raved About Him and Husbands Ra; What Happened When a Radio Idol’s Head I The real inside story of a radio romeo’s life and loves! Learn the naked = truth about’ that famous radio tea First National’s uproarious comedy hit with Ann Dvorak pwwawemrer STRAND en urray DAVID MANNERS Cut No. 15 Cut 20c Mat 5c ANN DVORAK s KEN MURRAY “ GUY KIBBEE A First National Hit 7 STRANI ‘Sto Cut No.7 Cut 2 sr Pip ON Sei, Se > THE TRUTH AT LAST! — the actual inside story of the bimbo who put sex-appeal in a megaphone — and fell in love with himself! fy A FIRST NATIONAL Mi §TRAN ae eer A FIRST NATIONAL HIT with ANN Cut No. 14 Cut 20c Mat 5¢ Cut No.9 Cut 4