Crooner (Warner Bros.) (1932)

Record Details:

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ER’ CATCHLINES yur Favorite Radio Idol. Fell in Love With Himself. Famous Radio Idol. the Male Canaries. ong? » Alienated His Own Affections. io Was all the Rage on the Air. Special Permission of the Copyright Owners. yhane to Protect the Skin You Love to Touch. » Who Fell in Love With Himself. | Making Love. earts Against Him. ged Against Him. Began to Swell. EVUQUULASUUOGHEEOGHAUATAELUAALAAA He fell in love with himself, . the dope! A First National Hit with ANN DVORAK, DAVID MANNERS, KEN MURRAY ea Cut No. 13 Cut 20c Mat 5c -DVORAK @ DAVID MANNERS 1¢ Mat roc A FIRST NATIONAL HIT with ANN DVORAK—DAVID MANNERS Cut No. 10 Cut 20c Mat 5c The sad, sad story of a girl who actually fell for one of those mega-phonies in the FLESH! He had plenty of hot-cha with a microphone, but he couldn’t hit High “C” | in a love duet! EVERY RADIO FAN MUST SEE IT!! First National’s howling low-down on the Casanovas of the air waves! with ANN DVORAK DAVID MANNERS KEN MURRAY STARTS TOMORROW STRAND Cut No. 18 Cut 60c Mat r5c The ads gotten up for this advertising campaign, contain the most striking creative art work. Not only do they successfully catch and sell Ul the e spirit of the picture, but they are so dis tinetive, that they will stand out like « _ afire on any page, jammed with motion picture antec aaentoe advertisements. yj Has America gone 7) nerts? Here’s the real low-down on the radio boys who’ve given ten million women heart-trouble and ten million men a pain in the neck! STRAND | Ge . ; oe y STARTS FRIDAY STRAND Cut No. 11 Cut goc Mat roc First National’s Ace Comedy Romance with DAVID MANNERS, ANN DVORAK, KEN MURRAY. | Page Seven