Daredevil Drivers (Warner Bros.) (1938)

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GIANT AUTO CUT-OUT on marquee; figure of Dick Purcell at wheel, Beverly Roberts next to him. Wheels of car are decorated with colored bulbs, and revolve. Copy: "No danger can stop him—no woman dare love him. He's one of ‘The Daredevil Drivers'— Coming Friday.” ‘“SAFETY WEEK’’ can be arranged in cooperation with — your town’s Safety Council. Posters at vantage points: Don’t be a Daredevil Driver’. 40,000 (get actual figures) people were killed in this state last year as a result of reckless driving. CiVA-GeCii BS, Boy: Scout Groups, and similar organizations can be enlisted in reporting ‘Daredevil Drivers’ to police authorities. Post notices and stills on club bulletin boards plugging your showing. SAFETY QUIZ can be given in lobby consisting of such questions as: ‘What should you do when you hear a police car or ambulance approaching your car? ; New tires should be used on the _... Wheels, old ones are safest on the .... wheels.” etc. TRAFFIC SCHOOLS have special 'safe-driving’ classes; many cities have high schools giving similar courses. Invite members of these classes to a screening. EXPLOITATION SOAP BOX DERBY for kids, to be called the “Daredevil Drivers Derby.” Race goes around theatre block, with only qualifications being that kids ride something on wheels and paint on picture's title, theatre name and playdates. TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT will cooperate in any move to improve traffic conditions. Get permission to attach cards to traffic standards on busy streets. Copy: "Accidents and smash-ups are caused by ‘Daredevil Drivers’ (see them at the Strand). Obey all traffic laws.” “POLICE CAR” goes ‘round town with man spieling through loudspeaker: Calling all cars—Be on the lookout for ‘The Daredevil Drivers —at the Strand Theatre.” Include talk on “careful driving.” WRECKED CAR from local junk yard is parked on main street. Copy: "This is what happens to The Daredevil Drivers’." Car is covered with stills, cut-outs, banners and selling copy. NEWSPAPER TEARSHEET display of descriptions of various auto races, such as the Indianapolis Memorial Day Race, Vanderbilt Cup Race. Surround with stills and copy from picture. Page Seven