Daredevil Drivers (Warner Bros.) (1938)

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AUTO RACE-Limited to cars of not more than $50 value. Cars line up at place suitable for race, and auto dealer estimates their value. Before race, cars bannered with picture's title and playdate parade through town on way to track. News photogs ‘snap’ pictures for newspaper breaks.’ MINIATURE SPEEDWAY in lobby with toy autos and drivers, running electrically or by means of clock springs. Show some overturned. Selling line: "Action with the breaks off! Thrills with the throttle down. See 'The Daredevil Drivers’ at the Strand.” AUTO DEALER CO-OP to announce the arrival of a new model. Selling line: “A car made not for The Daredevil Drivers’— but for those who want a car which runs smoothly and easily in the heaviest traffic.” Supply dealer with stills and cut-outs for window display. REVOLVING TIRE displayed in front of auto accessory store. Passersby guess how long it will turn. First ten handing in closest answers receive complimentary tickets to your showing. TOY SHOP can display model racers together with ‘racing stills’ from picture (HP3, 31, 49, 53). Sell them the idea of running special sale on kids’ racers molded after one in picture. Page Eight SAFETY PLEDGES can be distributed by local auto club safety organization. Drivers sign pledge which reads: "! promise not to be a ‘Daredevil Driver'.” Each driver pledging himself to safety receives a windshield sticker for his car which carries name of theatre and _ playdate. “TIN LIZZIE” is driven through town by gent dressed in racing togs. Car makes noise and stops every few feet. While man examines motor, girl hands out heralds. Copy: “If you're looking for smash entertainment at milea-minute speed, see The Daredevil Drivers’ at the Strand.” CAREFUL DRIVERS are spotted by gent in car who takes down their license numbers. Numbers are posted in lobby. People identifying numbers as theirs receive free tickets to your show. Handle as a co-op promotion with your local auto dealer. CARDS IN TAXIS carry this copy: “Don’t take chances. Ride in an Orange cab. Our operators are not Daredevil Drivers.’ They are concerned with your safety and comfort at all times.” PICTURE NEWS FLASH—Front cover good for front page of tabloid, window cards, tack cards, street posters.