Dark Hazard (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Page Sixteen — Stunt of the (Third Day Publicity Story) Robinson Contest Popular With Hundreds Competing Daily News Readers Find Great Fun Matching Heads and Bodies of Star In “Dark Hazard”’ Coming to Strand ODAY we print the third set of Edward G. Robinson por trait photos and caricature bodies. Each picture represents this versatile screen artist in a different role played in his former film success, in which he starred. Be sure to clip these out and save those published yesterday and the day before, until you have collected the entire six sets. By this time all of our readers are acquainted with the details of this fascinating contest. As previously stated, all contestants have to do, is to match the various Robinson heads on the proper bodies, all of which when correctly assembled, show Edward G. Robinson as he appeared in six of his greatest pictures shown here in the past. Then on the same sheet of paper on which each head and body are mounted, the contestant identifies the production by name and gives a brief description of the role which Robinson portrayed in each picture. Simple, isn’t it. And how our readers are going for it, to judge by comments we continuously hear every day. And here are the prizes. 1st Prize—$10.00 cash 2nd Prize—$ 5.00 cash 3rd Prize—$ 2.00 cash 20 Awards of 2 Guest Tickets each to see Edward G. Robinson in “Dark Hazard” at the Strand, starting Mon., Jan. 8th. In “Dark Hazard,’ Edward G. Robinson is seen in an entirely new characterization, one that proves his well established versatility more than ever. His splendid supporting cast includes Genevieve Tobin, Glenda Farrell, George Meeker, Robert Barrat, Gordon Westcott, Hobart Cavanaugh and a host of other screen luminaries. Remember that neatness of entries in this contest are as important as the correct descriptions of the Robinson roles in his former |4mother puzzler for the misdencein tee matched head and body contest. a came: Advance Newspaper Announcement i = ATTENTION! EDWARD G. ROBINSON FANS! WIN CASH OR MOVIE TICKETS Watch tomorrow’s News for the intriguing E. G. ROBINSON MOVIE ROLE ASSEMBLING CONTEST This novel contest is an interesting past-time and will be conducted for six days STARTING TOMORROW Follow this contest closely and collect each day’s set of the sectional pictures of Edward G. Robinson in his famous screen roles. Full details in tomorrow’s News telling how you can win the following prizes. Ist PRIZE 2nd ua 3rd sag 20 PAIRS OF GUEST TICKETS to see EDWARD G. ROBINSON in “DARK HAZARD” at the STRAND THEATRE starting MONDAY, JAN. 8th. NOTE TO EXHIBITORS For your fifth and sixth day newspaper story, carry out the same information as contained in the preceding publicity stories, with a different scrambled contest picture each day. At the end of contest period, names and addresses of winners should be published with an account of the correct solutions submitted and the printing of the best description of Robinson roles involved. The complete set of mats used in this contest are available at your exchange. Order Mat No. 16; Price 30c (Fourth Day Publicity Story) Robinson Scrambled Photos in Fourth Day of Contest Fascinating Pastime Enjoyed by Daily News Readers For Cash Prizes and Tickets to See “Dark Hazard’’ NOTHER set of Robinson combination pictures are pub lished today, being the fourth set supplied in this contest to date. The head of Edward G. Robinson in a former sereen triumph and a body in caricature of the same movie star in another famous role should be clipped and saved until you have collected the entire series of six head and body sets. ' By this time all are familiar with the details of this fascinating contest. The Strand Theatre, where Edward G. Robinson in ‘‘Dark Hazard’? opens on January 8th, anticipated that an avalance of entries will pour in at end of contest period. The judging of same will be in the hands of an impartial and competent | committee and winners will be anNOUNCEM ONE ©. .1..ceeieetesceenones Remember that when heads and bodies are properly matched, the body to correspond with the Robinson character head, each must be identified and a brief description of Robinson’s role in each picture must be submitted. Here are the prizes to be awarded. DUES) ited 22) ent aoe eee $10.00 cash Dn GPP Trizle ee $ 5.00 cash 3rd “PrizOs se cee $ 2.00 cash 20 Awards of 2 Guest Tickets each to see ‘‘ Dark Hazard’’ at the Strand starting Monday, Jan. 8th. To millions of Edward G. Robinson fans throughout the nation, ‘‘ Dark Hazard’’ is going to prove a distinctive treat, owing to the fact that this newest vehicle finds him in a role set far apart from even his long list of previous versatile characterizations. Robinson is most ably supported by a cast of stellar players including Genevieve Tobin, Glenda Farrell, George Meeker, Robert Barrat, Gordon Westcott, Hobart Cavanaugh and a host of others. It’s really Robinson ... but get Ww ; : F atch tomorrow’s News for the he right ee fo) eet body. fifth set of Robinson Contest pictures. e@ 5th Day | 6th Day |S y\\ Ik & \ as | [3 eA EE eS Your last chance in the mismated head and body contest. Be a head hunter! Get the right head for the right body.