The Dark Horse (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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Warren William SENSATIONAL NOTICES ACCLAIM WARREN WILLIAM IN “THE MOUTHPIECE” With “The Dark Horse,” Warren William becomes definitely set as one of the foremost personalities your theatre has. Get this over in every piece of copy you send out! Warren William is a red hot attraction with the fans. Here’s what the New York critics said about him in “The Mouthpiece.” *“**The Mouthpiece’ has made him a star.”—N. Y. Sun. *“*Has come into his own in the movies.” —N. Y. World-Telegram “Should help him to stardom.”—N. Y. Journal. “Outstanding characterization.” —N. Y. Telegraph. “Does a swell job in title role.”—N. Y. Graphic. “Gives a stunning performance.”—WN. Y. Mirror. “One of the outstanding interpretations that has been contributed to the screen.” —N. Y. Times. “Superfine portrayal.””—N. Y. American. “His is a fine portrayal.”—N. Y. Herald-Tribune. “Gives best characterization.”—N. Y. News. These excerpts can be used as additional advertising catchlines, or as a blow-up for lobby display. Page Two Two political factions of the same party reach a tie in their fight to nominate a candidate for governor. Party chiefs are in a turmoil. They think the possibility of electing their candidate is nil. Kay, committee secretary, tells them there is one man who can win the election for Hicks, their nominee, and that is Hal Blake, a spellbinder manager in jail for failure to pay alimony. Blake is bailed out and put in charge. He makes things hum and gets his candidate before the public without Hicks making foolish missteps. Things go smoothly, until Maybelle, his ex-wife, appears unexpectedly and tries to put Blake back in jail. He borrows enough . money to quiet her. Blake has been making love to Kay and wins her promise to marry him after the campaign. On the eve of the election, the opposition party plots to wreck Hicks’ chances. The “fat head” nominee is in love with Maybelle without knowing her identity. The opposition pays her to compromise him. Before election she entices him to a resort where she claims her aunt lives. She arranges the room for a “raid,” planting whisky bottles about and play OFFICIAL BI First National Pictures, Int presents : “THE DARK HORSE” with ‘. Warren William — Bette Davis — ' PTs ; nothing | is wait Joe, his 4 a plane. — i of the sheriff an in his underwear rates his ex-wife ossing him. The sheriff with Mayk re married to ave The sheriff leave having been sp r ers who convince downeast b and leaves Blake 3 Ele has ay for bring her hows her a manage a in Nevada. He point @ will have establish ail I that state and Renothe corner. Kay is ove mn is enthusi pe consents. | WinuaMm TTE Davis uy KIBBEE -McHucu ; OSBORNE im Harpy t Warwick ¥ Ho_tmMan is SELLON -O’Connor @HURCHILL n was written for you — -its important! SCREEN RECORDS WARREN WILLIAM — “Under Eighteen,” “The © Mouthpiece,” “Beauty and the Boss,” “The Dark Horse.” BETTE DAVIS — “The Man Who Played. God,” “So: Big?) “The Rich Are Always With Us,” “The Dark Horse.” VIVIENNE .OSBORNE — “The Beloved Bachelor,” “Two Kinds of Women,” “The Famous Ferguson Case,” “Two Seconds,” “The Dark Horse.” GUY KIBBEE — “Union Depot,” “High Pressure,” “The Main Event,” “The Strange Love of Molly JLouvain,”’ “The Dark Horse.” FRANK McHUGH — “The Front Page,” “Union Depot,” “High Pressure,” “The Crowd Roars,” “The Dark Horse.” SAM HARDY — “Orchids and Ermine,” “The Big Noise,” “The Butter and Egg Man,” “The Texas Steer.” ROBERT WARWICK — “Woman From Monte Carlo,” “The Dark Horse.” HARRY HOLMAN — “So Big,” “Beauty and the Boss,” “Wet Parade,” “Doctor X,” “The Dark Horse.” CHARLES SELLON — “Behind Office Doors,’ “Dude Ranch,” “Penrod. and’ Sam,” “Tip Off,” “The Dark Horse.” BURTON CHURCHILL — “It’s Tough To Be Famous,” “The Rich Are Always With Us,” “The Reckless Age,” “The Dark Horse.” ROBERT O'CONNOR — “Public Enemy,” “Three Who Loved,” “Reckless Living,” “Fanny Foley Herself,” “The Dark Horse.” PRODUCTION STAFF Screen Play and Adaptation by _. Directed by. Art Director. oS Pace Aecessories 6A 10 PR oe EN Ny 4, 5, 6 Advanée Stories. % 0 3 3 Manned ei 30h fond oa 8 IT RUNES Shea EES A ORI 2 Current Stories: 2.00 9 Exploitation 2. pose eRe Mes Sahara _....... JosEpH JACKSON AND COURTENAY TERRETT fe Te, SOR Ate ALFRED E. GREEN eho 3 Cane eae 3S baw (ORRY. STNG ae GEORGE Marks A NO ES UN ea Sot Po.ito Feature Stories Lobby Frames (0.0 Official Billing Program Cuts PECVIOU see hs Running Time Synopela 26 oy oe Warren William and Bette Davis in a more romantic scene from “The Dark Horse,” current__________ attraction. In sequences which are not quite so romantic, the picture’s footage is devoted to uproarious satire on politics and election campaigns. Cut No.5 Cut r5c Mat 5c LENGTH 6895 Feet RUNNING TIME 75 Minutes Bette Davis, who is fast becoming one of Newark’s most popular screen beauties, is seen opposite Warren William in the... Theatre’s hilarious satire on politics, ““The Dark Horse.” Cut No.1 Cut 15c¢ Met 5c