The Dark Horse (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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11 Ads in all sizes, that build up the Timeliness, the Star and the Comedy Angles Run Ad Nos. 16. 13. 9 and 14 as a complete 4-day cam paign as marked. There are tons of appeal in every line. Two Days Before Opening (ie FUQUOUOOUAUOSQONOOOOGUUOQOUOOOOUAUOOOOOOOUAGOOOEOOEOOGOONEOOOGOEOSEOAOOOULEAGOUU AAA HILARITY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Here Comes HollyAAS ‘ Y Ve wood’s Hilarious Burlesque on Politics! ,. TNUDUGUUQOA0U000000000000000S00EOOEOE OOOOH rs » FVUDUEQONOOUQQSUUOGUON00ECQOOOOESUEOTOOOOETOOOUEOEOOUETOUOSTEUEAGAE AEN A First National & Vitaphone Hit STARTS FRI DAY WARREN WILLIAM AN BETTE DAVIS—GUY KIBBEE STR D SrUNNUNNNNN0GNUUUNUUNUUIQUQUUQQOQQQQQNG000NTTUUOUQONOOONEROOOUOVEOOUOQOQOQQOQOSNQ000NN0EOOOOUEOOOOOCOUENEQOONEOOOTUUOOOUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUOOOOOOOOEOOEEOUOUODA DAA Ad No. 16 Cut 4o0c Mat roc TNVUUUOUUUUAVIATLLUATHL SHUNNUTUTTIULLUUNNUOETNNTTHT 2) Page Four Day Before Opening WHAT THIS JOIN THE COUNTRY PARADE! NEEDS IS A STARTS GOOD 5-TOTOMORROW THE MIN ee a STRAND PICTURE! | and ' here it is! HILARITY I fA) Hollywood's screaming satire on the presidential campaign, with WARREN WILLIAM E : os) anes dynamic star of “The Mouthpiece” as a politician who could fix anything from an election to a love affur. GUY KIBBEE BETTE DAVIS as the man who wouldn’t as the blonde who thought run for president because he women had a place in poliwas afraid of electric horses. tics—right in the boss’ arms! __A FIRST NATIONAL & VITAPHONE HIT i See Sete Ad No. 13 Cut 40c Mat roc Opening Day OPENS TODAY STRAND ior pnt HOWLING | we ROARING, pa The whole nation is 3 Dey © joining one big party NAIC ...and WHAT a party! HILARITY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER — |IN HORSE | Hollywood’s screaming satire on politics! The ludicrous low-down on galloping grafters, pork-barrel politicians and scheming spellbinders! ee ay VO with WARREN} WILLIAM dynamic star of “The Mouthpiece” as & a philandering political boss. BETTE DAVIS@ as his smart sexretary who thought women’s place in politics was in the boss’ arms. the dummy candidate who was too dumb to be crooked. A First National and Vitaphone Picture @ees stich aaeannsuna inti cae Ad No.9 Cut 60c Mat r15¢