The Dark Horse (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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Day After Opening Pb AUGH r) Congress is going cuckoo. % & Governors are giggling. % Senators are _ smiling. c. (o) The Solid South is laughaA FZ s -ing itself to pieces. Everybody’s going gaga over the funniest comedy since ‘Politics’! Hollywood’s screaming satire on the 3 political parade with ° WARREN WILLIAM dashing hero of “The Mouthpiece” as_ the _ political boss who does his campaigning in milady’s boudoir. GUY KIBBEE MA as his dummy candidate who ff was too dumb to be crooked BETTE DAVIS as the blonde who fell Pe skein. te, ON ; [ a G VITAPHONE HIT STRAND Ad No. 14 Cut 4oc Mat roc e CATCHLINES THAT SELL THE POLITICAL A VNGLE Law Makers — Laff Makers —Love Makers | All Capering on the Political Merry-Go-Round. | : | What This Country Needs Is a Good Five-to-the-Minute Laff Picture. e | He Trades Kisses for Ballots and Makes Sex Issue. Appeal a Campaign & See Warren William as a Maker of Governors and Girls. 6 The Dynamic Star of “The Mouthpiece” in Another Great Dramatic Role. | ® The Comedy Carnival of the Presidential Yeav-. ® A Philandering Politician Who Got His Promises Mixed. ® The Biggest Laff in a Year of Political Jokes. ® He Puts the “IT”’’ in Politics. & The Laff of Both Parties. '@ Laffs for the People, by the People and of the People. ® | A Political Landslide of Laughs. ® | He Fools All of the People All of the Time. | i 7 | HILARITY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Oe DARK STRA ND | Ai! No. 19 Cut 20c¢ Mat 5c oA, STRAND ox: Ad No. 20 Cut 20c Mat 5c HILARITY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER Congress is going cuckoo. Senators are doing handsprings on the White House steps. Republicans and Democrats are slapping each other on the back. The whole darn nation is nutty about Hollywood’s hilarious burlesque on the political parade— ANOTHER SMASH © y HIT FROM FIRST NATIONAL! with WARREN WILLIAM dynamic star of ‘The Mouthpiece” as a political boss who could fix anything except his own wife. BETTE DAVIS as the blonde who preferred politicians. GUY KIBBEE as the compromise candidate who was too dumb to be crooked. Ad No. 17 Cut 60c Mat r5c JOIN THE PARADE : All Newark?’s _cogpsat -. marching to the "(¥ State for the laugh of a lifetime! 4 DARK HORSE with WARREN WILLIAM — GUY KIBBEE — BETTE DAVIS Ad No. 21 Cut 40¢ Mat roc Page Five