The Dark Horse (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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4 One Column Ads With Box-Cffice Appeal LAUGHS FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE Hollywood’s screaming burlesque on the political race! A First National Laugh Hit with WARREN WILLIAM BETTE DAVIS Y GUY KIBBEE STRAND Ad No. 12 Cut 20c Mat 5¢ Bette Davis Worth Big Plug This talented and pretty star has compiled a sensa tional record during the past six months. Her great work in “The Man Who Played God” and in “So Big” has made her a box office draw. Give her prominent billing. Page Six S T RQ A N D IHTTOOUUQGQOQQQQQQOUACUYTOVOOOOOOONSN0ON00000QQOUUUUUOOOOOOODEQUQNOOQSCQQUGUUUIOOIOOOUEE UNH NOW PLAYING The comedy hit that has Albany in howls! Z S@ HE PUTS THE ‘IT’ IN POLITICS! } This philandering politician who makes sex appeal a campaign issue and wins an_ election! He had progressive ideas, democratic. ‘arms::s.s.' < and she got a liberal education! Don’t miss_ the new **personal ity’? star of the screen WARREN WILLIAM with BETTE WARREN WILLIAM & DAVIS BETTE DAVIS—GUY KIBBEE &< : GUY A First National & Vitaphone Hit &© Another smash hit from re £ HNNUIUUUUUU.OTEGUUESUUUUEUUULUUUEUUEULULETTA FIRST NATIONAL Ad No.8 Cut 20c Met 5 Mie’ OSBORNE a iNiAL Se Gi 0 Ad No. 11 Cut 20c Mat SC HE TURNS A LANDSLIDE INTO A LAUGHSLIDE HE PUTS THE “IT” IN POLITICS He’s a one-party man —any party with plenty Fs and a great cast STRAND Ad No. 22 Cut 4oc Mat roc HILARITY 1S JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Take a trip around the cockeyed world” of politics in this rip-roaring, side-splitting story of a candidate who was too dumb to be crooked and his manager who was too smart to be honest! ‘DARK HORSE with WARREN WILLIAM (The Mouthpiece, himself) BETTE DAVIS—GUY KIBBEE VIVIENNE OSBORNE 2 A First National & Vitaphone Hit Ad No. 18 Cut 20c Mat 5c NOW PLAYING STRAND HE PUTS THE ‘IT IN POLITICS! Women are raving about this philandering politician who trades kisses for ballots and makes sex appeal a campaign issue! Is he progressive? ... and how! A First National and Vitaphone 3 Hit starring : R WILLIAM Dynamic star of © ‘The Mouthpiece’ BETTE DAVIS GUY KIBBEE THE dat orse RACIEST COMEDY OF THE PRESIDENTIAL YEAR! ( Ad No. 10 Cut goc Mat roc Don’t Miss This FIRST NATIONAL LAFF HIT! Ad No. 15 Cut 40c Mat 10c