The Dark Horse (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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TELL THE WORLD YOU HAVE A HIT! INSERT CARD SIX-SHEET THREE-SHEET Page Ten WINDOW CARD ASK FOR A SAMPLE HERALD — IT’S GREAT! 2 A Sh e Upper background is in blue and the lower background in orange. Title is in eet e green and the cast in purple and orange. Catchline is in bright red and figures are in brilliant natural colors. PLEASE CLIP AND SEND IN YOUR ORDERS ON THE FORM BELOW READ CAREFULLY NER BR 1. Enclose remittance with order, if no ADVERTI SING ORDER remittance shipment will not be made. PICTURES 2. If postage is not included in remittance ® shipment will be made express collect. VITAGRAPH, Inc. 3. Pe eke ©. D. shipments of ‘Here’s the SLIDING SCALE of PRICES (Ti e reductions in prices apply to quantity purchases for Accessories on ONE PICTURE only.) . : heck Please ship the following rder by oe Enclosed find oe order Date express LOBBY— INSERT SLIDE | HERALDS POSTERS COLORED ‘@) > A 9 n THREE SHEETS] SIX SHEETS | TWENTY-FOUR = a SHEETS ys if & het 4 s «a gs: Ss: ae 8 io 28 PRODUCTION ht 3: gt: gx i ais ar oH AMOUNT nm 2 é 2 Soe be 5 oye BASS Ge «4 wm Y hdieg $< res a mow aae is ng ‘© ® @ © ee ® & eee Gee Sis n < ss » w coco » 1 e8 ases » $s 1 nN -— 8 xn N a ~ Sh 2 2 5 S24 £5 225 £225 e ¢ 36 EO eo eS) meen “256 8 6 ) 2 bares vu Merchandising ¥'tad Music Cues Gratis—Mail this order with your check early enough to insure advertising reaching you before play date = Theatre___ Owner aya PRCTeSSa et ae Copvrizht. 1928. by Warner Br'SP; ductions. Inc. Printed in U. S. A. CHESE PRICES FOR U. S. A. ONLY. om cers ta ‘Sores Printed in U. S. A,