Dark Victory (Warner Bros.) (1939)

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“Dark Victory~™ “Warners has made ‘Dark Victory’ a picture which rises head and shoulders above any serious effort the sereen has yet achieved ...It all sums up to unquestionable boxoffice bigness.” Hollywood Reporter “Not in recent memory has a single performer, as does Bette Davis in ‘Dark Victory’, dominated and infused a film with such rare histrionies...The production should rock boxoffices with returns... Performance of Geraldine Fitzgerald is little short of sensational, with George Brent turning in his best in many moons.” Boxofttice \ “Bette Davis in a powerful and impressive role which will be mentioned in nominations for top performances of the year. With Miss Davis as top marquee attractor, and both George Brent and Humphrey Bogart for underlines, this film will turn in a good account of it self at the boxoffices.” Variety “Bette Davis in this picture tops all her previous roles. giving a superb performance, sure to win Academy attention for her again. The picture is so engrossing that it will hold the audience breathless. It has all the earmarks of a boxoffice hit.” Showmen’s Trade Review “Bette Davis gives a performance which, even at this long distance from the ballot, looms as a probable entry for the year’s best enactment... Edmund Goulding’s direction is on the highest seale of sensitive dramatic guidance, impressive in the timing, inspirational to his east, exemplary in every phase of craftsmanship... Bette Davis’ name gives it strong initial advantage and this plus its intrinsic merits as a fine production should make for substantial box office expectations.” Variety Daily “As the first film appearance of Bette Davis since winning the Academy Award for having given the best performance by an actress in 1938, ‘Dark Victory’ is patently a made-to-marquee-measure attraction ...The names of George Brent and Humphrey Bogart are likewise available for electric light display, but the picture is first, last and always a Bette Davis performance.” Motion Picture Herald “Bette Davis lays claim to the ‘Oscar’ for 1939’s laurels ---She practically has it won on the strength of her work in this picture ... All in all, this is a picture, and it deserves a rave review.” Exhibitor