Daughters Courageous (Warner Bros.) (1939)

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SRO AIGHLIGHTS OF N.Y. STRAND EXPLOITATION Built around the bathing suit idea, Arnold Constable department store devoted an entire Fifth Avenue window to the picture — with theatre and playdate credit. It showed the metamorphosis of swim suits from the elaborately up holstered creations of the Gay 90's to the abbreviated garments of today. The modern suits were labeled "For Daughters Courageous" and showed the Lane sisters in 20 x 30 blow-ups wearing bathing suits. Same idea can be executed by your leading department store or specialty shop. Fourteen women, recipients of various awards for bravery, convened in New York's Waldorf Astoria for luncheon. Purpose: To form a new organization to be called "The Daughters Courageous Club."' Every paper, press association and picture syndicate covered the luncheon and reported it. Why not organize a similar club? Women columnists whose daily columns appeal directly to women readers were invited to preview of the picture so that they may discuss the women problem presented in the film. Idea resulted in good breaks. Plant this locally to build femme interest. OTHER STRAIGHT FROM THE FIELD ACTIVITIES AND WHY NOT? Having properly celebrated Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other national holidays, the Lane sisters recently started a movement to have a day set aside honoring daughters. Idea was promoted by N. Y. Strand and carried in local papers. Also good for front of theatre bally. One of the thrills of the N. Y. World's Fair is the sensational parachute jump in the amusement area. Parachutes are hoisted to the top of a 300 foot tower and then released for a breath-taking descent to the ground. A tie up was made with concessionaire and 10 one sheets were posed around the concession. Copy: "This Parachute Jump For ‘Daughters Courageous’ only. See 'Daughters Courageous’ Strand Theatre Friday." This idea can be adapted in local situations having amusement parks. Tie-up with the Town Cab Company. 1,000 cards displayed in cabs for two weeks. Copy: "You don't have to be courageous to ride in a Town Cab. Our drivers are the most careful in the world. This cab takes you to ‘Daughters Courageous,’ Strand." Get local cabs running with this tie-up copy. 400-line coiffure ad featuring Priscilla Lane by Saks-34th Street Department Store. It shows Priscilla in an appropriate coiffure shot. The ad is slugged "The New Daughters Courageous" coiffure now being featured in our mezzanine salon. This is an easy one to duplicate. straight ahead... Country of origin U.S.A. Copyright 1939 Vitagraph, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright is waived to magazines and newspapers. [3]