Desirable (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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JEAN MUIR « » because of her utter frankness and daring views about the modern American girl which she herself lives . . . . GEORGE BRENT « « because he is sought by the greatest of screen actresses to play ‘leading man’ opposite them in important pictures. . . VERREE TEASDALE « « because of her sky-rocketing popuFo. ie ee larity in recent Warner hits which has won ah for her well-deserved stardom ... . Jean Muir—George Brent—vVerree Teasdale | 75% us WE 00 OUR PART John Halliday 60% a4 Bi Charles Starrett 60% Directed by Archie Mayo 20% A Warner Bros. 40% & Productions Corporation 5% Here’s how to tell the world you’ve got all 3 stars Picture 25% in this remarkable story on a daring, candid theme! When a beautiful mother, battling vainly against the toll of the years, sees an even more exquisite daughter as a formidable rival for a man they both desire, all the elements of drama are presented. When the roles are taken by such charming and talented actresses as Jean Muir and Verree Teasdale, and the lover is portrayed by George Brent, there results a production such as “Desirable,” written especially for Jean Muir by Mary McCall, Jr. Here is a screen play so replete in dramatic situations, so filled with emotion, and so thrilling in its conception that one is apt to lose sight of one of its most salient points. Jean Muir, who became a star through her work in “As the Earth Turns” and “Dr. Monica,” for the first time will be seen on the sereen in all her ravishing beauty. Gorgeous clothes—she has no less than 20 changes—will enhance her natural charm. Verree Teasdale, long acknowledged as one of the best dressed women in Hollywood, also will have a lavish wardrobe. _Lois Johnson, portrayed by Jean. Muir, is the daughter of Helen Walbridge (Verree Teasdale), a popular actress, who is greatly admired by Stuart Me Allister (George Brent), a suc “cessful advertising executive. Helen has kept Lois secluded in boarding school, but when she finally does emerge, she and Stuart are immediately attracted to each other. Helen decides to launch her daughter on a social career, and Stuart sees a romance spring into being between Lois and Russell Gray (Charles Starrett) scion of a Social Registerite family. Lois is not a success with Russell’s family and bewildered by her predicament, the girl telephones to Stuart, who hurries to her aid. They are caught in a severe storm and take refuge in a mountain cabin, where Lois takes off her dress to dry it before a fire. They are found by Russell, who thought nothing of the incident, but his parents make so much of the matter that Lois breaks off her engagement and returns to New York with Stuart. Helen is angry because Lois has lost the. opportunity to marry wealth and social position, and when her daughter declares her love for Stuart, the mother intimates that she had been having an affair with him. Shocked, Lois hurried from the apartment, but is caught by Stuart who holds her firmly while he makes his first open declaration of love. Convinced of his sincerity, Lois confesses her love for him and the sweethearts embrace. lees: So sinsaia fs 5 ok Or ce ean rh a Jean Muir Sit ACA en og Se I ee ee George Brent i oten Tr aired mer oo Se a Verree Teasdale yD. RRR EE SA let eee ho: aOR see WolN ea see CEE Arthur Aylesworth fT 7 NR ant Selec San ein RIA See, Sk SRPMS A Se Joan Wheeler Wig eh os 3 yt ie ee ee eae Barbara Leonard Tews Mery i ee Charles Starrett ARSED CONS es Sal John Halliday BNET Us das SER ae ty Ae ee an eH BIS more ed Jim Miller a I a er cg ce ae Ae Virginia Hammond Tg aes uss 213i 9 iim ey ee ee Se ea ND Doris Atkinson Mies Secreiary 4 oe fa Se ee Pauline True GG a a ok i ee a Russell Hopton Yi, On ear Mla tel Reaeraee Megeeey Sie 2 emma aren xt Mary McCall, Jr. a eee |, SIO aaeeial aN eat Olesen eal Ae atest ma Mary McCall, Jr. as oe eS ee elas 2 Archie Mayo AASSbO TIOCE oe William McGann RB TNOU MING 2 es eee, all Ss cele ee Ernest Haller eg Boa | aE OOP, VAD NON SR Set ee SIC ee John Hughes a fe aS A MEER Rade PST Ia Sea Edward Chodorov Fe cs ge ee Thomas Pratt Country of origin U. S. A. Copyright 1934 Vitagraph, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright is waived to magazines and newspapers. Page Two