Desirable (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Jean Muir Heads All Star Gast in New Dynamic Drama “Desirable,’ Warner Bros.’ dynamie and colorful drama _ of Broadway’s theatrical life and its contact with New York’s socelal setyecomes to. the > .4-3). an. THEABREMON ooo oe ass , with an all-star cast headed by Jean Muir, George Brent, Verree Teasdale and John Halliday. The picture, based on the story by the famous magazine writer, Mary McCall, Jr., is filled with highly dramatic and intensely emotional situations, with rapierlike dialogue and a_ elimactic clash between a woman of the world and her unsophisticated daughter that fairly takes the breath, For the first time Miss Muir appears in a role that ealls for gorgeous gowns and _ luxurious settings as well as a strong portrayal of emotional upsets. Verree Teasdale, one of Hollywood’s best dressed actresses, also will be seen in costumes that are the forerunners of the coming styles of the most noted of fashionable designers. Miss Muir plays the part of a sincere and unspoiled girl who has been hidden away in a fihishing school by her mother, a reigning beauty of the Broadway stage, who selfishly fears the loss of her own popularity if it should become known that she has a grown daughter. Verree Teasdale has the role of the self-centered domineering mother who, after reluctantly admitting to the girl’s existence, tries to marry her off to the scion of a snobbish family of blue bloods whom the girl does not love. George Brent portrays a man of the world, once devoted to the mother, who falls in love with the unspoiled daughter. Charles Starrett is the rich socialite who is intrigued by the charm and beauty of the girl, but whose family is shocked by her unconventionality and utter frankness. Others in important roles include John Halliday, a theatrical angel, Joan Wheeler, Pauline True, Barbara Leonard and Virginia Hammond. Archie Mayo directed the picture. Brent Owes His Life To Retaking of Film While working on the Warner Bros. picture, “Desirable,” which comes to the Theatre on Brent was at the same time completing his lessons in air maneuvers to get his pilot’s license. After finishing work one day, he started for the airport to practice flying with his tutor, Robert P. Riddell. But Archie Mayo sent a prop man after him to call him back to make a “retake’’. Brent completed the work and then hurried to the air field. He learned Riddell had taken up another student flyer in his place and both had erashed to the ground and were instantly killed. Walks to Keep Slim Jean Muir, who has the role of a “hidden child” in the Warner Bros. production of “Desirable,” now showing at the Theatre, claims that walking is the only exercise any normal woman needs and that none would have to diet if walking were resorted to. Page Six Symphony In Lines As the artist sees George Brent and Jean Muir in their latest Warner Bros. picture, “Desirable,” coming to the Strand Wednesday. » Mat No. 5—20c es Jean Muir Coming To Strand Today In Thrilling Drama Jean Muir, the young Broadway actress who has risen to sereen fame in a few short months, comes to the Theatre today in the Warner Bros. production, “Desirable,” at the head of an all-star cast which includes George Brent, Verree Teasdale and John Halliday. The picture, based on the story by Mary McCall, Jr., is said to be a stirring romance in which a young and unsophisticated girl who has been kept in seclusion in a finishing school by her mother, a reigning favorite of the Broadway stage, is swept off her feet by the glamor of the society world with which she eomes into contact for the first time, but who finally awakens to its shams and flies to the arms of a man for whom she has had a strong friendship without realizing that she is really in love with him. Miss Muir is given the opportunity to blossom out in gorgeous costumes as well as to display her histrionie talent in the stormy and intensely emotional scenes of this production. George Brent has the role of the lover to whom the girl eventually turns after she breaks her betrothal to a blue blooded aristocrat whose family is shocked at her frank and unconventional ways. Verree Teasdale appears as the Broadway star, while others in the cast include John Halliday, a theatrical angel; Charles Starrett, the young society man; Russell Hopton, Joan Wheeler, Pauline True, Barbara Leonard and Virginia Hammond. Archie Mayo directed the picture. This Actor Knows His Philosophy Charles Starrett, playing in the Warner Bros. production of “Desirable,’ which comes to the Wa Z ACR See acr TPHEAERE: OR Hn. Gl with Jean Muir, George Break and Verree Teasdale in the leading roles, majored in philosophy in his college days. He is also a profound student of political economy. Joan Wheeler Wins * Picture Chance By Leaving Hollywood Joan Wheeler was born in Los Angeles and after: graduating from the local schools tried to crash the movie gates and could not. She got her first opportunity to play on the legitimate stage at _ the Pasadena Community Playhouse with which she was associated for two years. Then she got an opportunity to go to New York where she was an immediate success. Now she is back in her home town playing in pictures. She has appeared in “Madame Du Barry,” “Smarty,” “Twenty Million Sweethearts’ and “The Merry Frinks”. BAN MIUJIIRS COMES OF SCOTCH ANCESTORS HAS TWO SCOTCH TERRIERS AND SAVES Alt HER PENNIES a =<? fe i) — ity a PauUNe TRUE WON HER FIRST MOVIE JOB WHEN A FILM EXECUTIVE SAW HER FACE ON A MAGAZINE COVER These stars are featured in Warner Bros.’ -artistry 1S CREDITED WITH TELLING BETTER FISH STORIES THAN ANY HOLLYWOOD FISHERMAN (Review ) New, Dazzling Jean Muir Seen In Dynamic Drama George Brent and Verree Teasdale Also Give Fine Characterizations In “Desirable” the Theatre by her brilliant per , NEW and dazzling Jean Muir entranced audiences at formance in the Warner Bros. production, ‘‘ Desir able,’? which was shown on the local screen for the first time yesterday. This rising new star was giventhe finest opportunity of her career in this dramatic story, which was written especially for her by the famous magazine writer, Mary McCall, Jr. has the role of a young and unsophisticated — girl who has been secluded from childhood in a boarding school by her brilliant actress mother who fears that public knowledge that she has a grown daughter will dim her own popularity. Thrust suddenly into the giddy whirl of New York’s social elite, she sends an electrical shock up and down the spines of custom bound conventional people by her outspoken truths and naturalness. George Brent gives the most convineing performance as the man-about-town, once in love with the mother, but who turns to the daughter because of her simple charm, and lack of affectation. Brent seems more spontaneous, more magnetic and compelling. He seems to have overcome a seemingly studied self repression and .gives his real self to the character role. Miss Muir Verree Teasdale is quite as dazzling as Miss Muir as the actress mother, temperamental, jealous of her own daughter to the extent of being willing to ruin her life to further her own career. Miss Teasdale gives a fiery portrayal of the maddened actress who thrusts a knife into her daughter’s heart, while Miss Muir rises to the highly emotional and cataclysmic scenes with all the of a seasoned trouper. The entire cast is a talented one and ineludes John Halliday, always a finished actor, who Z, pei tj raed ey S S “fp hig: TEASDALE COLLECTS BABY PHOTOS AS A HOBBY. SHE HAS THOUSANDS OF “EM. “Desirable,” now at the Strand. Mat No. 16—20c plays the role of a_ theatrical angel and the lover of Miss Teasdale; Charles Starrett, as the scion of a blue-blooded, aristocratic family, whose engagement to the boarding school girl is broken, to the satisfaction of his thoroughly shocked mother; Pauline True, Joan Wheeler, Barbara Leonard and Virginia Hammond. For the first time Miss Muir is seen in gorgeous costumes while Verree Teasdale appears in the most dazzling gowns in which this best dressed Hollywood actress has ever been seen on the screen, Archie Mayo has. handled the direction with his usual skill and artistry. Actor Brother of Famous War Ace Charles Starrett, playing the juvenile lead in the Warner Bros. production of ‘“Desirable,’ iow showing at the Real hs aie Theatre, is brother of Frank “Jack” Starrett who lost his life in distinguished service in the Lafayette Eseadrille in the World War. Starrett has made a distinct impression playing the role of a wealthy youth in love with Jean Muir, but whose affection was not strong enough to combat family opposition. JEAN MUIR—“Dr. Monica,” “A Modern Hero,” “As the Earth rns,” “Bedside,” “The World Changes,” “Son of a Sailor”. GEORGE BRENT—‘Housewife,” Headquar“The “So “Female,” “From ters,’ “Lilly Turner,” Keyhole,” 42nd Street,” Big”. VERREE TEASDALE — “Madame Du_ Barry,’ “Dr. Monica,” “A Modern Hero,” “Fashions of 1934,’ “Roman Scandals,’ “Goodbye Love”. JOHN HALLIDAY — “Housewife,” “Return of the Terror,” “Registered Nurse,” “The House on 56th Street,” “Fifty Million Frenchmen”. CHARLES STARRETT — “Mr. Skitch,” “Three On a Honeymoon,” “Call It Luck,” Transient Love,” “This. Man Is Mine,” “Green Eyes’’. RUSSELL HOPTON—‘He Was Her Man,” “Lady Killer,” “I’m No Angel,” “The Little Giant,” “Elmer the Great,” “Once In a Lifetime”. JOAN WHEELER — Du Barry,” “Twenty Sweethearts,’ “The Frinks,” “Smarty”. BARBARA LEONARD — “The Crash,” “The Man from Yesterday,” “One Hour With You,” “Local Boy Makes Good,” “A Love Affair’. VIRGINIA HAMMOND—‘Torch Singer,” “Chance At Heaven,” “Rock-a-bye,”’ “Cabin In the Cotton,” “The Crash,” “No One Man”. ARCHIE MAYO (director) — “The Man With Two Faces,” “Gambling Lady,” “Convention City,” “Ever In My Heart,” “Mayor of Hell”. “Madame Million Merry