Desirable (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Hollywood —the style center! Millions of movie fans watch every new vogue set by the stars. On this page, Jean Muir and Verree Teasdale introduce a variety of fall fashions for ‘““women’s page” publicity; and advertising tie-ups. Jean Muir Wears Gay Film Gowns For The First Time Gorgeous Orry-Kelly Creations Change Heretofore Drab Heroine Into Star of Flaming Beauty Jean Muir has been east in roles that showed her as a ‘ ‘die since her arrival in Hollywood about a year ago, simple, poorly clad girl whether the locale of the picture was the countryside, a village or New York. Jean herself has stoutly insisted that she is not the type to play parts which require elaborate wardrobes, that she couldn’t wear fashionable clothes, and that furthermore, she wanted to be known as an actress and not as even a mannequin or, worse, as a clothes horse. Although Jean has appeared in geven motion pictures since she was introduced to cinema audi ences, “Desirable,” the Warner Bros. production which comes to th6::.5. eee a eee Theatre on BE (uk See Ne ys , is the first film in which she wears an extensive collection of the latest styles. Orry-Kelly, Warner Bros. designer, won Jean over completely when he showed her thirty sketches that he had made, together with bolts and bolts of rich and colorful fabries from which she was to make her selec tion of the various costume changes for the picture. The figures in the sketches were tall, blonde and willowy and Jean’s features were painted onto each sketch so she could get a more graphic impression of the gowns as they would look when completed. Her enthusiasm mounted pro Jean Muir’s blue silk lounging pajamas feature a kneelength swagger jacket, which adds a carefree formality to the ensemble. Five Orry-Kelly creations are shown above as they are worn in “Desirable.” portionately when the clothes were actually finished and photographic tests were made, and before the pictuze was completed, Jean admitted surrender. “Desirable” is a dynamic drama by Mary McCall, Jr., in which she paints the romance of Broadway theatrical life in its contact with New York’s exclusive social set. Jean Muir and George Brent head the all-star cast which includes Verree Teasdale, John Halliday, Charles Starrett, Russell Hopton, Joan Wheeler and Pauline True. Archie Mayo directed. Reverse Reducing Pauline True, now playing in the Warner Bros. production of “Desirable,” which comes to the eh Redcar eet Theatre: Ons. eee. 25 started on a diet to increase her but the experiment. that in the first four days of the she lost weight, immediately ended The reason was “weight adding” diet, five pounds. Verree Teasdale puts over the knee-length coat in this fall sensation of brown and beige striped wool. Large muffs promise to be important winter fashion items. Jean Muir’s fur hat and glove set is real fashion news. She wears both these black silk caracul articles in “Desirable,” her new film now at the Strand. Mat No. 7T—50c Sleep Greatest Aid To Beauty, Says Star Jean Muir holds the longdistance sleeping championship title in Hollywood. The popular young star of “Desirable” has a firm belief in the necessity for physical fitness in one pursuing a theatrical career. She leads an intensely active life, outdoor exercises and sports being an important part of her daily routine, Jean believes that getting plenty of sleep is of vital importance and she indulges in ten to twelve hours of slumber every night. Nothing more flattering than white ermine for formal eve ning wear. Verree Teasdale features a large-collared model, Verree Teasdale Seen In Dazzling Costumes Actresses Wear Most Lavish Gowns of Their Careers In **Desirable’’ tainly calls for glamorous clothes in the opinion of A GLAMOROUS lady playing a glamorous role cer Orry-Kelly, the Warner Bros. designer. So when he was informed that lovely Verree Teasdale had been assigned a dazzling role in ‘‘Desirable,’’ which comes to the he set himself a goal—to make the most glamorous clothes ever worn by the chic Verree. That he succeeded is proved by the enthusiastic praise accorded his creations by the wearer herself. “Each costume change which Mr. Kelly designed for me in the picture stressed the theatrical and dramatic effect that the character of Helen Waldridge wished to create pictorially,” said Miss Teasdale. A woman of great ambition, her costumes were planned to accentuate her determination to be known as a beautiful and ultra fashionable footlight idol. He designed the individual gowns and ensembles to blend perfectly in achieving the desired effect. One silvery satin ensemble, trailing gown and coat of matching material, had five yards of silver fox, which banded the front opening and edged the deep cowled collar. Outstanding among a group of negligees were a_ chinchillatrimmed shimmering metallic cloth model with a skirt slit at the side front, and a frilly sleeveless style of chantilly lace, pale flesh toned. A cluster of fresh Black velvet and old lace con trast brilliantly against Jean Muir’s natural glamour. This formal afternoon dress has a lace collar, high at the neck, and following the silhouette to the floor. Theatre on camellias adorned the side fastening, and struck a note of engaging femininity. Miss Teasdale’s blonde hair and fair coloring were becomingly set off with a hostess gown that she wore in another sequence of the picture. Of wood violet metallized tissue cloth, its clinging lines were in sharp contrast to the transparent high necked yoke and long, tight sleeves of crisp organza. The most sophisticated gown of the collection was made from an opulently colorful lame in red, gold, green and silver tones, cut in extremely moulded lines with low decolletage front and back and tiny padded _ decolletage straps. In “Desirable,” Miss Teasdale plays the part of a popular Broadway actress where selfish love of adulation led her to seelude her grown daughter in a boarding school, fearing loss of prestige if her own age were known. Jean Muir plays the role of her daughter, while others in the cast inelude George Brent, John Halliday, Charles Starrett, Russell Hopton, Pauline True and Joan Wheeler. The picture is based on the dramatic story by Mary MeCall, Jr., and directed by Archie Mayo. Jean Muir shows off to great advantage in the striking din ner dress. The stiffened collar of black velvet and lace frames her face with light and shadow. High waistline and demure puffed sleeves add a suggestion of quaintness to the creation. Mat No, 20—50c Mat is designed to facilitate cutting apart for use as one-column cuts. Page Seven