Desirable (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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YOU'VE GOT TO BE GOOD TO WINA HUSBAND THIS SEASON 3 GREAT NEW STARS IN A BRILLIANT WARNER BROS. ROMANCE —and this little girl was so innocent she walked off with her mother’s boy friend — withouf even knowing it! A great cast in a great Warner Bros. picture— JEAN MUIR GEO. BRENT VERREE TEASDALE TRE Mile THEA GEORGE 324 Lines Mat No. 32—30c a with VERREE ARE MEN TIRED OF “MODERN” GIRLS? TEASDALE 126 Lines Mat No. 36—10c Aibenla cnaog esse te see what this little lady SHARE baby stare—a schoolgirl complex — and an old accomplished with a fashioned way with men! A great cast in @ great Werner Bros. picture— JEAN MUIR > GEORGE BRENT VERREE TEASDALE 14 Lines Mat No. 37—10c 3 GREAT NEW STARS IN A BRILLIANT WAR pESIRA, eat Warner Bros . picture— JEAN MUIR » GEO, BRENT E . VERREE TEASDALE 14 Lines Mat No. 23—10c 219 Lines Mat No. 29—30c Page Nine