Desirable (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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ARE MEN TIRED OF MODERN GIRLS? THEATRE Maybe you'll change your technique when you see what this littie lady accomplished with a baby stare—a school girl complex—and an old-fashioned way with men! Vostrable A great cast in a great Warner Bros. picture— JEAN MUIR GEORGE BRENT VERREE TEASDALE 174 Lines Mat No. 22—20c 110 Lines Mat No. 35—20c THEATRE LEARN THIS SEASON'S. NEW RULES FOR HUSBAND -HUNTING! Vamping’s out! “Modern” girls are passe. See how you can make a little girlish innocence go a long way with men! ee Yesirabled SCREEN'S GREATEST With all these Warner Bros. favorites NEW-STAR DISCOVJEAN MUIR i ERIES UNITED INA GEO. BRENT Vo eh Re. E CHARLES STARRETT JOHN HALLIDAY BRILLIANT WARNER BROS. ROMANCE JEAN MUIR GEO. BRENT VERREE TEASDALE 140 Lines Mat No. 33—20c 222 Lines Mat No. 21—20c "SSS SSS SSS SSS SSS SSS Ss ss SSS LL Page Eleven