Desirable (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Desirable Tie-ups PERFUMED SACHETS: Sell local perfume dealer idea of distributing perfume sachets to women patrons. Copy line to be used in this connection is: LeBehn Perfume _ will make you even more DESIRABLE. See “DESIRABLE” with Jean Muir and George Brent coming to this theatre next week. * * * SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES: Just a little different from a popularity contest and directly tying in picture is a DESIRABLE. CONTEST. Idea is for students to vote for girl or boy they think most desirable. Of course the females vote for the males and vice versa. * * * DONE WITH MIRRORS: Candy, gum and other vending machines are usually equipped with mirrors, which get big play from the fastidious femmes. A small sticker trickily worded placed on these ought to get comment. Copy idea for sticker is: DESIRABLE? Of course you are— DESIRABLE ... of course itis... at the Strand Theatre all this week. A few mirrors, well mounted and placed at busy intersections tagged with same copy wouldn’t hurt. And, of course, washrooms and rest rooms in hotels, restaurants and theatre. * * * MOST DESIRABLE CITIZEN: Idea is for paper and theatre to sponsor voting contest to find most desirable citizen in town or community. Person might be wealthy philanthropist or man of average income who is noted for civic activities. It ought to be fun finding out. * * » CONTEST: ‘‘What is most desirable to you?’’ — Make that line basis for newspaper contest inviting readers to answer this in not more than 200 words. LOBBY BLOWUPS These 28 x 42 blowups are on heavy cardboard stock. Easel backed, if desired. In full colors: $3.50 each. In black’ and white: each. F. O. B. New York City. Order directly from NATIONAL STUDIOS 226 West 56th Street N. Y. C. $2.25 ‘LIVE’ BALLY It’s only a gag, but it’s bound to attract attention in your lobby, on your front, or even in a natty trimmed window. Beautiful girl is wrapped in cellophane with sign announcing: Her mother wrapped her in cellophane . .. But it only made her more ‘Desirable’ than ever! Jean Muir in ‘Desirable’ now Strand. BANNERS TELL ‘EM! JEAN MUIR. with VERREE TEASDALE BANNER (above)—For ends of mar quee or instead of swinging signs under marquee. Canvas with stenciled lettering, . 6 feet long—36 inches deep. $2.40 each. On real satin—$3.35 each. BURGEE right)—Two colors on fine duck, 20 x 30 inches—40 cents each. main DESIRABLE VERRESE TEASDALE wih GEORGE BRENT+ VERREE TEASDALE | | V ALANCE—To fit your marquee. In three brilliant colors on fine duck with sewn-on lettering—$1.20 per yard. Two colors on silkolene $1.70 per yard. For rental quotations, send marquee sizes. Order from M. MAGEE & SONS 140 Fulton Street New York City FIRST KISSES Three stills, made into a movie strip, show the gals what is supposed to be Jean Muir’s first kiss. Captions underneath stills set tempo for the contest. L[lustrate the mat in your paper, with publicity story asking local ladies to tell of their first kisses, the circumstances, and their reactions. Second day of contest, the fellows can write in and tell of their initial conquests. For illustration, order Mat No. 19—10ce. (Publicity Story) Tell of Your First Kiss and Win Free Tickets to Theatre Do you remember your first kiss, ladies? Were you’ disappointed, or thrilled ? Most girls begin playing kissing games when they start going to parties, and their memories of these events are rather vague, und seldom interesting. But the first kiss of love — whether it was given in the moonlight to the first boy-friend or to the man one married in later years has some thing about it that sets it out above all later romantic episodes. MNS fees ete oa (newspaper) would like to have its readers tell about their first kiss, and five pairs of tickets to the .......... . theater, where Jean Muir will receive her first kiss in the thriling drama “Desirable” in which she, George Brent and Verree Teasdale head an-all star cast in a play showing the con Careful, Jean! When they get that look in their eyes, it means only one hing-somebody’s gonna get kissed! Oops, we were right! But don’t look so miserable, you two, it can't be as bad as all that! . says Jean, ‘is that all there is to kissing? And I've been afraid tsk, tsk! of it all these years... Mat No. 19—10c flict between a beautiful mother and her more desirable daughter, will be awarded to the five women who send in the most interesting letters telling of their first kisses, the circumstances under which they were given and their own reactions. No names will be published. Simply initial the letter, which should be kept within 100 words, and write your own name and address, which will be kept confidenial, on the upper left hand corner of the first page. All letters should be sent to the First Kiss Contest Editor of the before Cross Word Puzzle Popularity is still strong for this puzzle. Use it either as a straight publicity plant, or as a contest offering guest tickets for correct solutions. 17—30ce. ACROSS: I. Clay building material_____. Ce Ae cca ADOBE 67>. Existed, 2.23) 2S: WERE 7. One thousand _________. M 8. Superlative ending____EST 9. =sMixed type 2) 2 *). PI 10. Topsy’s friend ______ EVA 13. Long period of time __EON 14. Pleasing (title of film)__ esrb nn gama 9 5! DESIRABLE 15.0 oWeCary se ss IRK 16. Where drinks are served ae eee ~.BAR 17. Adverbial ending —___ LY 18.2 Jap: ‘sashe, 222 OBI 20. Egyptian sun god __ RA 21. Bird’s claw ______ TALON 23. Powerfulness_____ POTENCY DOWN: 1. Reverence —___-___AWE 2. Title of picture ____...... .. ; See seat iene DESIRABLE 3. A broken bit —________.. ORT Aer. Peer eo ee ee BE De cc PLEO tOUler ss E FAMOUS CHILDREN Jean Muir’s role in film is that of a naive daughter of a popular actress. Actress’s worry is that daughter will follow in her footsteps. This problem makes for a women’s page contest. Pose the question: ‘‘If you were an actress, would you allow your daughter to join you in this profession.’’ ec acne Me tt ct =a ee enemas POPULAR GALS Contests have been run on the technique employed by men to win the _ blushing maids. On this picture, why not try a contest limiting it to just the gals? Offer prizes for best MAN HUNTERS, tving it up with some of the eatchlines given in the ad section. Puzzle and solution mats No. 7. Not organic ____ MINERAL 9. Referring to the poles_____. suai OMe SEP POLAR 10. Roman officer ______. EDILE 11. Extremely _ VERY V2 i ARGUE oo Se ASK 13. Decrease of tides ______. EBB 18. A cereal grain________ OAT 19. Electrical particle ____ ION ee OUT ee TO LETTER PLANT Often a controversy can be started thru the ‘Ethical Problems’’ column. Plant this query: I am a girl of nineteen in love with a man who has been very attentive to my mother. He is very fond of me and is the only man who has shown me any affection. Shall I encourage him? DESIRABLE. MORE ON TIE-UPS Easy dealer tie-ups can be worked with all the stores in town. All they need do is display cards’ tagging each article with the title. For instance: ‘‘ DESIRABLE electric applance for the modern housewife.’’ Get enough stores to use the idea in windows and on counters and shoppers. will soon enough get the connection when your publicity and advertising breaks. Page Thirteen