Desirable (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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243. 9 ee ET INSERT CARD ONE-SHEET, WINDOW and MIDGET WINDOW CARD DESCRIPTION: Figures are treated in varying shades of black and grey. Jean Muir’s mouth red. Title and credits in magenta. (Note cut-out possibilities of center figures.) Sliding Scale of Prices for Accessories 1-SHEETS i far pO oe oe 15¢ SP ito OO se as ee 13c Over 100 ___..... Ile i {SHEETS BAGH tae es 40c Owen 2a oy yas 36c 6-SHEETS te Oe saa 75¢ Bis tor 20s ae 70c Over . 20°: 20 2 "65e 24-SHEETS Uptto. 25.25 $2.00 each each each each each ite 2638 ore 25c each Seni oar,» HL: core eee San 51 to 100 ___..._.._ __. 20ce each Over 1000 = soe 19¢ each HERALDS IM ‘to 5M. is $3.00 per M Over 5M 2.75 per M each each each each each WINDOW CARDS eto Oe ee Te each Stor!) OO er oS 6c each Over 100 5 ee each LOBBY DISPLAYS 11 x 14 Photos __________75c a set (8 in set—colored) 22 x 28 Photos. 80c a set (2 in set—colored) Slides: sie) SAC eee 15e each Stills te me One 10c each Midget Window Cards___4c each Merchandising Plans. Gratis (These prices apply to U. S. only) JOUM HALMIBAY -CRABLES 1TAR SIX-SHEET THREE-SHEET & : e ae eights 7 ‘DESIRABLE AUIR. GEG. BRENT TEASDALE SLIDE THE HERALD Smart, inexpensive, useful — the stock herald gives you everything you could desire. Ask for a sample at your exchange. Printed in U. S. A.