Devil's Saddle Legion (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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ee Mat No. 202 20c VILS DDLE GION DICK ‘\, THE SINGING COWBOY./ and ANNE NAGEL Directed by Bobby Connolly » A Warner Bros. Picture re WARNE BRO S.’ CAMPAIGN PLAN (Lead Story) Singing Cowboy ’s Newest Riding Into Strand Soon Dick Foran, Warner Bros.’ Two-Fisted Rider, ~ Appearing In “‘Devil’s Saddie Legion” Dick Foran, that strapping big star designated by Warner Bros. as their Singing Cowboy, and who has been gaining inereased popularity and fan mail with each of his Western pictures, is to be seen at the Strand Theatre next Friday in his newest —‘‘The Devil’s Saddle Legion.’’ Foran has been making astonishing strides forward in the liking of Western fans during the past few months. Not only is he an excellent actor, but a splendid baritone singer as well, and his ballads doubtless have hastened his progress ahead. This time he has three to sing = tRidin? To. .My Home. In Texas,’’? ‘‘God’s Country’’ and _‘‘When Moonlight Is Riding The ‘Range.”’ “They are by M. K. Jerome and Jack Scholl, who wrote Dick’s zensational recent hit, ‘‘ My Little Buctaroo.’’ “But Dick doésn’t merely sing— he rides, ropes, nendles a 6-gun and fights with his fists; and does them all equally well. sits leading lady in ‘‘The Devil’s Saddle Legion’? is Anne Nagel, a_ lovely little Warner starlet, who played once before with him in a western, ‘Guns Of The Pecos,’’ although generally she is used in straight dramatic movies. ‘¢The Devil’s Saddle Legion’’ is laid in the India.Territory of the. old days, the lawless days, when this region was still a frontier of the United States, long before the territory became Oklahoma State. In the film Foran has with him a number of westerners who rode the range in its lawless days some years back. Dick, a Princeton graduate and football star, had actually to outride and outshoot these very cowboys before at the end of the picture’s filming they presented him with a silver-braided saddle as a token of their respect. It was directed by Bobby Connolly from a sereen play by Ed. Earl Repp, ace scenarist on fastmoving outdoor films. Foran recently concluded a radio singing engagement on the Burns ~~& Allen program. FOLLIES TO HORSES Bobby Connolly,’ former dance director from Broadway and the Follies, who is now directing Western movies for Warner’s isn’t so unfamiliar in his new environment as you might suspect. At one time he worked as cowpuncher on a Texas ranch. He recently di rected Dick Foran’s ‘‘The Devil’s Saddle Legion,’’ which comes next ’ Wednesday to the Strand Theatre. Anne Nagel is his leading lady. Yat No. 101—10c LOVE INTEREST is supplied by lovely Anne Nagel, who plays the feminine lead opposite Dick Foran in Warner Bros.’ ‘‘Devil’s Saddle Legion,’’ coming to the Hub on Friday. American Indian Widely Travelled Probably the most travelled American Indian living is Dick Botiller, now a movie actor and currently supporting Dick Foran, Warner Bros. singing cowboy, in “Devil’s Saddle Legion.” now at the Strand Theatre. Born in the Far North (Canadian) where he got his French-Canuck name, he has travelled by foot, horse, canoe and all modern conveyances including airplanes from Alaska to South America, Greenland to Hawaii, the West Indies to the Galapagoes — and traversed most of the territory in between. (Opening Day Story) FORAN IN NEW STAR ROLE AT STRAND TODAY ‘¢The Devil’s Saddle Legion’ ’— with the popular Singing Cowboy, Dick Foran, as chief legionnaire— will be presented today by Warner Bros. as the feature attraction at the Strand Theatre. The Legion consists of a group of young men living in the old Indian Territory in its lawless days, who have been persecuted and wronged by an outlaw band, and who vow to avenge the many crimes of their enemies and to establish law and order in their home region. They succeed, after much hard riding, many hand-to-hand encounters, and considerable pistolplay. Foran, in the midst of all the swift-moving rides and fights, finds time to sing three new ballads written for him by Jerome and Scholl, co-authors of his recent suecess, ‘‘My Little Buckaroo.’’ The songs are ‘‘Ridin’ To My Home In Texas,’’ ‘‘God’s Country’’ and ‘“When Moonlight Is Riding The Range.’’ Anne Nagel, one of the loveliest of the younger Warner starlets, is Foran’s leading lady in this melodrama, which was directed by Bobby Connolly from a screenplay by Ed. Earl Repp. Foran Rides, Shoots, Scores In *‘Devil’s Saddle Legion”’ Warner Bros.’ Cowboy Hero, A Rad’s Baritone, Aiso Sings ‘Three Schaoii-jerome Dailads Wild days in the old Indian Territory, which was later to become Oklahoma, are brought vividly to life in ‘‘The Devil’s Saddle Legion,’’ Dick Foran’s newest starring Western for Warner Bros., which opened yesterday to pleased audiences at the Strand Theatre. The tall, handsome Singing Cowboy is at his very best in this tale of a lawless country and lawless men. ANNE RIDES AGAIN Anne Nagel, who plays the lead opposite Dick Foran in the singing cowboy’s latest Western for Warner Bros., ‘‘The Devil’s Saddle Legion,’’ began the picture just a year after playing her first opposite Foran. To the very day. And this is her second! Between times she has done a variety of films but none of them Westerns. Her current picture is now at the Strand Theatre. Mat No. 102 —10e SINGING COWBOY Dick Foran is the two-fisted baritone who takes the law into his own hands with his ‘‘Devil’s Saddle Legion,’’ a Warner Bros. picture now at the Strand Theatre. Country of origin U.S.A. Copyright 1937 Vitagraph, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright is waived to magazines and newspapers. And — happily — there are three ballads, suited exactly to the redheaded star’s pleasing baritone voice. They are by M. K. Jerome and Jack Scholl, who wrote his most recent hit, ‘‘My Little Buckaroo.’? A misecreant band of crooks, headed by George Chesebro and Raphael Bennett, are building a dam, with prison labor, when Dick rides into the scene from Texas. The object of the dam is to divert the course of the Red River, and thus steal away a lot of land that really belongs to Texas. A man has been murdered recently, and the crooks trump up charges against Dick in connection with this crime. He is given a 10year sentence, working by day and confined in prison by night. In jail he learns that his own father has been murdered by followers of Chesebro and Bennett, and he swears vengeance. Dick and five others manage to escape, and band themselves _together with a vow to find the murderers and expose the villainy of those connected with the river deal. They become known as ‘‘The Devil’s Saddle Legion’’ because of their ferocity. After many narrow escapes and much hard fighting, the band cleans up all the crooks and killers and establish a reign of law and order in the region. There is a girl, of course, — daughter of a rancher, who has always believed in Dick’s innocence. This is Anne Nagel, lovely young Warner starlet and splendid aetress. The popular Foran, former football star at Princeton, is undoubtedly at his best in the film.