Devil's Saddle Legion (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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>... —_— a5 EAS eae RE ae EXPLOITATION =e j ee >= ORS . EFFECTIVE DISPLAYS Picture’s title and theme lend themselves to lobby displays described below. All are inexpensive and should command attention. Loudspeaker Warning Place a cut-out of Dick Foran in lobby with loudspeaker arranged in ‘‘talking’’ position. Voice of usher comes from behind mike like this: ‘Drop your guns! or I'll drop this T.N.T. and blow us all to kingdom come!” ‘See Dick Foran ride at the head of the ‘DEVIL’S SADDLE LEGION’. Saddle for Lobby Tie in with title by use of a western saddle, one of those heavily decorated ones. For that matter run the gamut of typical cowboy equipment for your lobby, guns, lariats, and ten-gallon hats. Ringing the Pommel In a corner of your lobby place a western saddle with a high pommel. From other side of lobby have rings for patrons to toss on the pommel. Use this tag line: “Catch one of the devil’s sad ~ dles und win a ticket to the ‘Devil’s Saddle Legion’.”’ Patrons Ride Horse Those gymnasium electric horses could be used in the lobby. Dare patrons to get on. A tieup with a local sporting goods store should get you the machine on a mutually beneficial basis. Dynamite vs. Bullets Get a pair of balance-scales, place a box labeled T.N.T., on one pan, and a box of builets on the other. Hang display in lobby over a line of copy: ‘“DYNAMITE vs. BULLETS.” Stencil. Display Consult your local ordinances to see if this one is okay with the city fathers. Have a stencil made ‘1p, as large or as elaborate as you see 1it, in which the copy reads: ‘The Devil's Saddle Legion is in town, at the Strana,’’ A boy with a can of whitewash can do a pretty good job of contact around town. Slide Angles If there is a stereopticon service in town, have it project your slide for a brief flash wherever the service is being conducted. Slide may also be used for flash from lantern in lobby. RIDERS’ CAVALCADE Riding academy and kids can help put over this one. Dressed in their cowboy outfits, the kids can ride around town with the cavalcade eventually winding up at your theatre. Here while someone proficient with a lasso performs as a special attraction, your newspapers can cover for pictures and stories. Instead of cowboy outfits, they might even have on devil’s garb, carrying signs, ‘‘See The Devil’s Saddle Legion at the Strand Theatre.” As a climax prizes can be awarded also to the best dressed cowboy rider. USE INDIAN ANGLE To play up the Indian angle in the film, set up a tepee on your marquee, and for hour or two have someone dressed in blanket striding around the tent. You might also display tomahawks, Indian implements, etc. COACH BRINGS FILM A stage coach with a couple of grizzled cowboys driving it is easy enough to rig up. Have it driven around town with banners plugging the picture. Sign an, the hack of tha cae midhh nea te the effect that “‘Devil’s Saddle Legion’”’ is being delivered to the Strand Theatre by the coach. Arrival at theatre is an event that can be covered by papers, especially if the event is combined with kids’ cowboy outfit contest being held in lobby. CUT-OUT SHADOW BOX An effective shadow box for your lobby can be built up with cut-outs from the six and three-sheets. Both these pieces of paper show a variety of shots so that an interesting display can be achieved. A blinker lamp acts as an eye-catcher. SINGING COWBOYS Find the “Singing Cowboy” in town. Conduct a contest in which all entrants must show up in cowboy garb at theatre. Have them sing all western numbers — old and new. Award prizes to winners. SPORTS STORES TIE-UPS Stores selling cowboy garb to those going to dude ranches, sporting goods, guns and riding outfits make appropriate tie-ins for displays of stills from the picture and cards billing your showing with proper catchlines. FORAN RADIO SINGER Not only is Dick Foran, ex-Princeton football star, the hero of this series of westerns, but in addition he has gained fame recently as a singer of note. A baritone, Foran recently concluded a number of engagements as singer on the Burns and Allen radio program over a national hookup. Take advantage of this and also the popularity which “My Little Buckaroo”’ is enjoying, by playing it up in art displays, along with the Scholl-Jerome tunes in this picture, ‘Ridin’ To My Home In Texas,”’ ‘“God’s country,” and “When ‘Moonlight ‘Is Riding The Range.’’ Community sings are still popular with the patrons and western melodies give them a chance to go to town. Throw a couple of the oldtimers on the screen and watch them warm up to next week’s western, “The Devil's Saddle Legion.” SNIPE ON ROAD Tell the folks in the country about your outdoor drama by arranging to snipe the byways with one-sheets. This type of picture warrants an extensive out-oftown coverage which reaches folks who frequent Westerns. VITAPHONE SHORTS “PORKY’S SUPER SERVICE” (Looney Tunes). The delightful Porky Pig brings loads of new chuckles with his madcap escapades in laugh-a-second cartoon riots! (8 minutes—No. 2812) “DOUBLE TALK” (Vitaphone Novelties) . Another of the Edgar Bergen and ‘‘Charlie McCarthy”’ string. Ventriloquism at its best in a grand climax for this spicy series of novelties. (10 minutes—No. 2711) “EGGHEAD RIDES AGAIN” (Merrie Melodies Cartoon). Story in technicolor of a little cowboy novel reader who goes west to ride the range. A million laughs. (8 minutes—No. 2214) “PALM BEACH KNIGHTS” (Vitaphone Novelties). Charles Ahearn and Company in another of this smart series whose title speaks for itself. (10 minutes—No. 2712) ‘FLOWERS FROM THE SKY” (Broadway Brevity). Josephine Huston sings in inimit able style with fun and comedy galore. (20 minutes—No. 2009) “VAUDEVILLE HITS” (Big Time Vaudeville). Len Manning and Mitzi, the Byrne Sisters, Jules and Clifton, and Elaine Arden, headline entertainers all, in a fast-paced film enjoyable for all. (10 minutes—No. 2612) Page Five SELLING WITH STUNTS