Dive Bomber (Warner Bros.) (1941)

Record Details:

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THERE’S PLENTY TO SELL IN YOUR LOBBY —AND ANIMATED SHADOW BOX DISPLAY can be made from the 24-sheet, as illustrated. “Dive bombers” are attached to moving belts turned by small motor set in back of display. Filling Americas Sky with Gk DART GAME is used for bombing practice. Attach paper wings to darts to make them resemble dive bombers. CUTO UTS of star heads from 24-sheet are mounted on circular discs and strung from marquee. Because they’re full-color photos, they'll do a first-class job for you. PLANE SOUND RECORD to give authentic atmosphere to any of your lobby displays can be bor rowed from local radio station. If not available locally, order record No. 1036 — $2.00 — from T. J. Valentino, 1600 Broadway, N. Y. C. A SHOWMAN’S sHow — As ONLY SCROLL is your tribute to local youths in naval air service. Names, obtainable at local Navy Recruiting Station, and photos go at bottom. The STRAND THEATRE is proud to dedicate the showing of “DIVE BOMBER” to the young men of (City) now serving with the U.S. Navy Air Corps: eee Ges Kobsst Ko Cade | Dohu Sores. TEST PATRONS to find out if they would make good pilots with series of orientation tests usually given applicants for aviation service. Tests check eyesight, equilibrium, reflexes, etc. Local aviation school can give you full details. WARNER BROS.