Dive Bomber (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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LOBBY EXHIBIT ccs the adventure and stars of your show. Headline exhibit with this copy: LOS © VEnm: LHING TN THRILLS! ERROL FLYNN and FRED MacMURRAY in ‘DIVE BOMBER’.” Stills available in set of six—50¢—from Campaign Plan Editor. Display copy: RIDE with Errol Flynn as his plane dives earthward at 500 miles an hour! (Still DB L1) THRILL as the U. S. Navy’s dive bomber squadrons fill America’s sky with glory! (Still DB 7A) SEE Errol Flynn and Fred Mac Murray test their new invention to eliminate fliers’ “blackout!” (Still DB 169) WATCH as the Navy checks and double-checks its dive bomber pilots’ fitness before sending them aloft! (Still DB 111) MEET the “Three Top Hats,” symbolic of the American youth that pilots Uncle Sam’s crack dive bombers! (Still DB 52) CHILL to the perils of a dive bomber off duty—Alexis Smith! (Still Lex 84) DOUBLE-DUTY BALLY in this. Propeller is hooked up to small rotary motor and people are asked to estimate number of revolutions per minute. OR motor is shut off at frequent intervals and passersby guess number at which propeller will stop. Guest tickets to winners. x ey . Yad r, eee 3 s gf oa a =. = » ~ ey = " | el dk de 7 Ae 4 . a 2 ty 4 rs oe , , ” » 4 es, ae bhi ae To : Copy in your illustration can be changed to suit whichever suggestion (outlined above) you use. ITEMS FOR LOBBY & FRONT (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (1) (J) Dive bomber blow-up from 6or 24-sheet. Synchronize light bursts and airplane sound record to effect exploding bombs. Cutouts of star heads from 24-sheet. Wind sock on roof. Revolving searchlight or beacon. Code signal flags borrowed locally. 40” x 54” satin banner (see page 22). Ad blow-up (see ad section). Ad blow-up (see ad section). Animated overhead display. Star heads from 3-sheet, title treatment reduced from 24-sheet. Motor turns compo propeller. Blow-up of dive bomber squadrons’ insignia (page 6) and three special dive ‘ bomber stills (page 7). Thrill display in inner lobby (described in first column of this page). For inner lobby: Penny arcade “anti-aircraft” machine gun can be borrowed or rented locally. Tickets go to persons “shooting” down most planes, machines automatically registering “hits.” (M) 40” x 60” photochrome display (page 22). Roar Into COULD MAKE iT! NOW Action