Dive Bomber (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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NAVY EQUIPMENT . IN LOBBY DISPLAY Shown below is the type of display—including posters, pilot garb, bombs, guns, etc.—the Navy will set up in your lobby to sell your show. Officer present acts as recruiting agent or demonstrator. IMPRINT HERALDS « FOR NAVY HANDOUT The back of the herald (see page 21) is an ideal spot for the local Navy Recruiting Station to imprint their qualifications for enlistments in the Navy Air Corps. You provide the heralds—they’ll give you widespread distribution—in a manner that counts! WINDOW CARDS « FOR NAVY DISPLAY Use the regular window cards (see page 22) or blow-up of photo-feature (see pages 12-13) , imprinted with a line such as BE A FLYING CADET, for spotting by the Navy as recruiting posters on their trucks, in all public buildings or on their “A” boards throughout city. One-sheets can also be used. RADIO, NEWSPAPERS » AND OTHER MEDIA Your local Navy Recruiting Station widely uses every type of publicity medium. Arrange your tie-up to include all these avenues, using the various display, advertising and publicity material available in this press book. 6 NAVY PARADE » OPENS CAMPAIGN The spectacular show on your screen calls for a spectacular show outside. Arrange for a Navy parade to your theatre with torchlights, banners, floats — and, of course, a Navy band. Get the Junior Naval Reserve, local fliers, Sea Scouts and similar outfits to participate, in addition to civic, air and Navy heads, who attend opening night’s performance. Distribute heralds and arrange for flags and “Dive Bomber” banners and window displays on line of march. SEE the Navy Recruiting Officer in your town early. He'll probably have some suggestions of his own. CAN YOU GET A | » REAL AIRPLANE? Arrange, if possible, for display of a real airplane in lobby — also on float touring city. If near a Naval Air Base, real dive bomber may be obtainable. Otherwise show any plane available, stating from such planes America draws pilots for its mighty dive bombers. NAVY’S DIVE BOMBER SQUADRONS’ = INSIGNIA WORK FOR YOU 3 WAYS: The chart (actual size 7” deep by 9” wide) showing the official insignia of 14 of the Navy’s scouting and bombing squadrons — dive bombers all — is available in still or mat form. Swell for school promotions and lobby! Try these... A. Blow up as lobby set piece which is dominated by dive bomber cutout (from 24-sheet) and blown-up star heads. B. Distribute contest forms among school students showing these insignia without explanations. Students describe what each insignia signifies. Award tickets for most accurate interpretations. C. Invite artists to draw their versions of appropriate insignia for the Navy’s dive bomber squadrons. Award tickets for best ones submitted, which can be forwarded to the Navy Air Force. Latter should be good for news break. Exhibit best ones in local department store, library or Navy Recruiting Station. INSIGNIA OF THE U. S. NAVY’S DIVE BOMBER SQUADRONS Scouting Squadron 2 Scouting Squadron 4B Inspired by the scouting fame of the American Indian, Mailed fist adopted by unanimous consent of all members of the squadron. These insignia adopted by each squadron by unanimous consent of their members. They were accepted as trade marks and are in effect self-explanatory. = 2 # Bombing Squadron 3 Bombing Squadron 5 Stealth, speed and Winged Devil aggressive diving adopted by unanimous consent of all members of the squadron. tactics of the Panther when stalking his prey. Scouting Squadron 15 Fleet Marine Force Represents the adopted by squadron as the Eyes of the Eagle. Bombing Squadron 4 Adopted after member appeared adopted by at formation in battered top hat. Scouting Squadron 42 U.S.S. Ranger Scouting Squadron 5 Diving sea gull Caricature adopted by the unanimous consent of all members of the squadron. unanimous consent of all members of the squadron. Bombing Squadron 2 Inspired by Greek “Battering” Ram myth of Bellerophon and Bombing Squadron 6 Pegasus, who slew 3-headed dragon by diving 3 times. Motto: “First to Attack.” unanimous consent of all members of the squadron. Mat DB 501B—75c—or still DB 625—-10c—from Campaign Editor, 321 W. 44 St., N.Y.C.