Dive Bomber (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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‘y’ CAM PAIGN can be tied in locally with window and coun ter cards, automobile stickers, blow-ups for front and lobby display made from this illustration, available in mat form. Contact patriotic groups for cooperation in blanketing your town with “V”’s. Order “Dive Bomber Mat 201B”—30¢—from Warner Bros. Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City. JUNIOR BIRDMEN —Tie in the Junior Birdmen of your local paper for opening day party, with free admissions to all or some of these air-minded youngsters. Publicity in sponsoring paper makes this a worth-while bally idea. LOBBY EXHIBIT —What makes the airplane tick is fascinating to everyone. Borrow or promote as many technical items as possible — such as barometers, altimeters, wind velocity gadgets, landing lights, headphones, etc. Display in lobby with appropriate signs to explain each item, plus stills and displays about the picture. ACTION DISPLAY —QOn page 9, you will see a reproduction of the N. Y. Daily Mirror Editorial page, with a drawing of a dive bomber in action. Build this scene in replica in lobby, with model submarine and model dive bomber suspended above it. Proper lighting and sound effects will add animation to this display. AMATEUR PHOTOS —For the best shots of an airplane scene taken by amateurs, award free tickets or prizes from local photo shop. Display entries in lobby and have patrons vote for winning photos. Shots of front might be allowed. IN TECHNICOLOR » » » Here’s the first big air picture — in magnificent TECHNICOLOR. Stress this fact in all your promotional material—ads, publicity and exploitation. For the kids and air-minded: GIVE ’EM OFFICIAL FOTOS OF NAVY DIVE BOMBERS Put this set of 3 photos to work for you in all or several of these ways: 1. Print a series of teaser cards, each illustrating one of the dive bombers for distribution around town. Use ad mat on back to sell playdate. 2. Number back of each teaser card and award #ree admission to those who obtain cards of each type of dive bomber with corresponding numbers. 3. Order special sets of buff prints (8 x 10 or 11 x 14), carrying no advertising matter, for prizes. 4. Blow up stills for display in lobby or in windows of cooperating merchants. Or use mats for newspaper plants. DIVE BOMBER U.S. Navy's Curtiss SBC-4 is a swift, sleek sentinel of the sky, assigned to scouting patrol. DIVE BOMBER Vought-Sikorsky SB2U1 is the U.S, Navy’s high altitude scout bomber, shown here in patrol formation. noses sseateter Sseees Se DIVE BOMBER U.S. Navy's newly-developed Curtiss XSBC-1 will out-perform any plane of its type in the world. Available in still or mat form. Stills available in sets of three: 8 x 10 black and white—25c; 8 x 10 buff—50c; 11 x 14 buff—75c. Or, order “Dive Bomber Mat 202B” (3 photos on mat) —30c—from Campaign Plan Editor. q