Dive Bomber (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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DIVE BOMBER MODEL PLANE PLAN FOR CONTEST OR GIVEAWAY ... This illustrated model plane plan for a U. S. Navy dive bomber provides the ammunition for a bally broadside aimed at the thousands of model plane fans in your town. Here are two angles: +4 Contest! Stage this in cooperation with your local newspaper, offering promoted prizes for the best model dive bomber built from these plans. Paper runs plan daily (with publicity and other art , from the press book) for several | days, with announcement of winA a8 ners on opening day. If such coopNI eration is not forthcoming, hold B-B : this contest in conjunction with | local model plane club, aviation F ey y or trade schools, or in lobby. In ERSTE" AES OU RO TTOM WING latter case, print quantity of entry blanks with model plane plan on one side and contest rules and theatre credits on the other. Display winning model planes in your theatre lobby. +4 Giveaway! Where contest as outlined above COLOR SCHEME ~~ | ; is not feasible, print model plane = —_ 9 JOP OF UPPER WING ‘ plan as throwaway or mail insert. 1S CHROME YELLOW vi Ss : ccf REST OF SHIP [5 ALaed : Also can be used as package inUMINUM GRAY sert in stores selling model plane eeeT § CFF) CONSTRUCTION: ALL . building meteeil —j METAL EXCEPT THE 5 ae sees) BE ee , CONTROL SURFACES i ORDER MAT “DB 401-B”—60c —from Campaign Plan Editor, NOTE: If size of illustration is changed, adjust scale (now 14 inch toa foot) accordingly. 321 West 44th Street, N. Y. C. — Plus These Model Plane Promotions! 1. CONTESTS —can be _ DISPLAYS — Show as 3. AIR SHOW — Stage an held in lobby or newspaper for: many model or toy planes in lobby “air regatta” on a Saturday mornand windows as you can promote. If ing before opening at local park or possible, arrange to show models of stadium. Working model planes planes from the earliest types to the compete; local air men act as swift modern aircraft—such as dive judges. Award promoted prizes to C. Best drawing, in ink, pencil ; ; P ; ‘th f ‘ek ll faccnuan ato mind bombers. Signs identify each type winners with free tickets to all condive bomber. of airplane shown in display. testants. Get newspaper coverage. A. Best original model airplane. B. Best constructed pre-fabricated model plane.