Dive Bomber (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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Here's a stunt worth trying: AIR ALARM—‘‘DIVE BOMBER’’ COMING! New York City, as are many others, is now organizing volunteer Air Raid Wardens and spotters. If your city is among those that have such volunteer groups, suggest to the powers-that-be that the first actual test be undertaken. THIS IS YOUR SCHEDULE: City’s entire civilian and air defense organization is set in motion to detect arriving “dive bomber” and to prepare for any damage done. “Dive Bomber” (or suitable substitute) can be promoted from nearest navy or army base. At appointed time it flies over city and its route is phoned into headquarters by spotters. Its bomb load, dropped over * NEWSPAPER CONTEST sells romance! Dig into your files for photos of Errol Flynn with former leading ladies as Olivia de Havilland, Brenda Marshall, Joan Blondell, Bette Davis and Rosalind Russell. Also show him with his newest screen romance— Alexis Smith. Ask readers to tell which star they prefer to see opposite Flynn— and why! Award guest tickets for most interesting replies. For An Editorial Like This One Shown here is a full page editorial in the New York Daily Mirror. Suggest a similar editorial in local papers; or blow up for lobby and ask patrons for their opinions a la Inquiring Reporter. Award tickets for most interesting replies. @ Navy's new dive-bor ¥¥ rie e faster. ang caries Stukes. The Arory SHO H Usboats ever bring war ta American waters, the ‘ A P| m Ub. 5. Mewy's MSBEC-1 dive-bomber will be + for action. city, may be “Dive Bomber” heralds, carrying a message on back from Civilian Defense Committee. Other details of test can be worked out by this committee. Get full newspaper coverage on this and photos, too, showing searchlight seeking bomber mounted in front of theatre. Also cover town with throwaways, snipes and window strips about the test, and, incidentally, your show. * ‘STRANGE F ACTS’ for-news paper feature. Artist draws illustrations for following “unusual facts” about dive bombers and cast of picture: 1. Dive bombers travel over 500 miles per hour at peak velocity, which is near the maximum speed man can travel—and live! 2. ALEXIS SMITH is known as Hollywood’s “Cinderella Girl’. 3. “Dive Bomber”, at the Strand, is the first big air picture filmed in Technicolor. ALEXIS SMITH Here she is . . . Warner Bros.’ new star... star-bright with promotional possibilities ... a blonde box-office “blitz”! 1 « Dive-bomb the local campus, army camp or naval station with photos and publicity on Alexis— then poll them on their favorite new star. Who'll they pick — Alexis Smith, of course! What a swell publicity send-off! 2. See the “Cinderella Girl” story in Publicity Section on Page 20. Make it the basis of a newspaper contest, with male readers required to tell why they would make an ideal “Prince Charming” for Alexis’ “Cinderella”. Award for best letter is a date, with all the trimmings, with a local “Alexis Smith”. 3. A great day for the Smiths. Why? At long last a femme star by the name of SMITH! Write or phone all Smiths in your town telling "em of Alexis’ debut as a star in “Dive Bomber”. Also arrange to form Alexis Smith Clubs or have the Smiths adopt Alexis as their own. 4. A word with your movie and feature editors will impress them with the big news that a new star is born! There’s a full page of special art and publicity on Alexis Smith (see page 20) which your editors will welcome. This sort of thing is exciting reader stuff—so go right ahead and take ample advantage of it! a: Blow up still Lex 84 in lobby or out front. Copy: “A New Star Is Born. .. . Watch ALEXIS SMITH. . . . The Girl With the Sleek Lines of a Dive Bomber!”’ Order still from Campaign Editor, 321 W. 44th St., N. Y. C.