Dive Bomber (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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6-DAY THRILL SERIAL... Curtiz; Sereen Ce crad by Michee! 1, Weed. : oe Ore ae tonal picture; Wile ‘ ean A Warner Bros-First eee fuckner: From @ Story bY Fra 3 i 3 ne =. ‘2 “ Play by Frank Weed 3 "CAST OF CHARACTERS — cRROL FLYNN tim ov allen Jenkins. hae AY Lucky nie Moore ee Mes, dames. ae Hod ae ‘Smith Swede Larson. "c to Sievers” Alexis +: . doha Thomes Anthony. f8'3 > Robe Herbert Anderson ee Chubby _ : Serialized by Frank Libern CHAPTER 4 Bie pa s 5 e Pied a A 3 iat : @ . : | ‘ae of the Pacific Fleet 0 te atte wakes of the Pac et oF a he oe gea, Lithe columns of cru $ < amy, while the IMIpreseiye ik with ts fiying in QUICK with turr seaplanes 2 ing smoke + of an excited | . Maneuvers OF a ae : meeb any trouble in as ~ Aboard one of the mytl “ eraft carriers: three sun oe young squadron aoe: were about to be Separates © years of apectaciiat co » ship. After one imore pe practice flight _ vd no : . be know! 7 eS) BOOS «phe Three | 3.) Swede. BEY and Wak the de at the OF. i one : one of gi bags Les zoomed and dived it ‘ous white elouds. To the se were the 1 at peace—Ye trife-crazed Worl all-important ¥ t prepared fo _ Doug peneed as the sere sed yee Du 4 : ee 4 hen ib secre aurely eras pulled out of me the earth by ae Vike mere inches! Suee terrigle moment — flipped out of 4 wild corkahed into the yo plan oeked — Newspaper Promotional 6 DAYS IN ADVANCE THREE DAYS IN ADVANCE ==> Newspaper uses this ad on front or movie page. Pick up illustration from serialization mat. READ the thrill-a-second story of the hell-pilots who dive Uncle Sam's winged bullets. “DIVE BOMBER” Starts in (Paper) Monday FRONT PAGE STREAMER — FIRST DAY W ‘DIVE BOMBER’ STARTS TODAY! ::.... wom OILY @ RECORD * Front Page Spots! 3 Cents Outside City Limits ee The Hell-Pilots Who Fill America's Sky With Glory! Read their story in “DIVE BOMBER” based on the motion MOVIE VACATION ADS are the thing today in which paper recommends to readers that they take a vacation at the movies. Possibly, your local daily would run a similar institutional ad, tying in its promotional copy on “Dive Bomber” serialization as an example of what it considers outstanding motion picture entertainment. picture coming Friday to the Strand. Starts in (Paper) Monday ec / Mats of type, art and galley proofs of this showselling serialization are available to newspapers on order from Campaign Plan Editor, 321 W. 44th St., N. Y. C. Stills of the six daily scenes furnished free if newspaper prefers. . . BACKED BY THIS KIND OF Campaign! NEW MOVIE SERIAL OF THE WEEK STARTS MONDAY IN DAILY NEWS v¥ . They land today! Errol Flynn and Fred MacMurray in the hit the U. S. Navy wrote— "Dive Bomber," photographed in magnificent technicolor. It's the story of Uncle Sam's sleek dive bombers and the hell-pilots who fly them. "Dive Bomber" tops everything in thrills! See it at the Strand Theatre (playdate). Read it in the DAILY NEWS STARTING MONDAY