Dive Bomber (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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—— ae eee ..« On opposite page! MORE AND MORE NEWSPAPERS . . . . are giving their readers screen story serializations ... featuring them as the MOVIE SERIAL OF THE WEEK. Start serial six days in advance of opening, taking full advantage of the newspaper promotional campaign suggested. Thus you get virtually two full weeks of advance bally in your local newspaper. If They Read It... They'll Want fo See It! FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THESE FOR RADIO! * Spot Announcements! ANNOUNCER (sound of power dive): ZOWIE! Look at ’em go! They’re the hell-pilots who dive Uncle Sam’s winged bullets . . . flying hard and loving lightly ... in the hit the U. S. Navy wrote. It’s “Dive Borber” .. . Warners’ thrill-a-second story starring Errol Flynn and Fred MacMurray ... with a new star you'll want to watch... Alexis Smith—the girl with the sleek lines of a dive bomber! Treat yourself to a treat—see “Dive Bomber’ in glorious technicolor when it opens at the Strand Theatre Friday. It’s a powerdive straight to your heart! x kK * ANNOUNCER: Something terrific is in the air. Its Warners’ top thrill-film of the year—“Dive Bomber’’—starring Errol Flynn and Fred MacMurray as a couple of hell-pilots blitzed by a blonde—beauteous Alexis Smith! See it! Cheer it! Hail the U. S. Navy as it fills the sky with breathtaking thrills—filmed in glorious technicolor! It tops everything in excitement! Remember the date—“Dive Bomber” at the Strand Theatre next Friday. It’s a hit! ¥% Woman's Feature! Adapt the Fashion Feature on page 20 for radio talk by fashion expert on what milady will wear in ’42—in furs! “Cinderella” story on same page will make an interesting story for women. DEALER CO-OP PAGE TIES IN TITLE... . Slug illustrated below can be prepared locally for insertion in various merchants’ ads where the price angle is being stressed —or, it can be enlarged as a full-page mast head dominating a page layout of local dealer ads. PRICES CRASH Most prices are soaring . . . so be sure to cash in with the speed of a “DIVE BOMBER” on these amazing values ... NOW! Also be sure to see "Dive Bomber" at the Strand Theatre, start ing Friday. It's the thrill sensation of the year! See page 15 for display of local tie-ups which can be incorpo rated in a full page spread under this banner line: Filling America's Sky with Glory! “DIVE BOMBER” Bringing you VALUES you can’t resist! Contact your local advertising manager early to set these co-op ideas into motion to break opening day. NR ECS Sn ERS On next page... FULL PAGE FOTO FEATURE FOR... .. SUNDAY MAGAZINE SECTIONS! ... MAIL EDITIONS! ... PICTURE PAGES! ... LABLOID THROWAWAYS! ... LACK CARDS! ... LOBBY DISPLAY! The all purpose handy-andy of your campaign... Ready For Action!